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Common iPod Touch Problems

Common iPod Touch Problems

Music and its beats have set the young ones, teenagers, and everyone to dance on the rocking floor. Well everyone is fond of music and hence wants to have the best music player or so for himself/herself. Everyone was in search of a music player that had the unique and most advanced features with the cutest of all looks. Keeping this need in mind apple launched ipod touch. After its launch millions of people have bought it and are making use of it. Some are really satisfied from this product where as many people are unsatisfied as well because they are not getting the true value of the money they have spent.

Common iPod Touch Problems List

Well some of the most common ipod touch problems are mentioned as under:

1. One of the mostly faced and most common ipod touch problems is the performance of the ipod touch as per the expectations of the users or customers. What does it mean when we speak of the performance? It means the freezing of the browser sometimes in the middle of the operation. This freezing of the browser results due to slow operation of the processor. As per the survey conducted it was found that in order to deal with this problem customers have to reset or restart the ipod touch.
2. Slow speed of the processor or software was another problem being faced by many people as per the survey results. Because of slow speed of processor the performance was also lowered hence customers are being recommended to update their software regularly.
3. Some people reported that while listening to music in case you log in to the safari browser then the music stops playing which is really very irritating for them. This is the most common ipod touch problems faced so far.
4. Inability of Wi-Fi to connect to several network connections available is another problem that has been reported by many users using ipod touch.
5. Automatic repetition of song has been disturbing a lot of people. As per the complaints registered by many people it has been found that once a song is finished then rather then playing the next song the ipod touch sometimes repeats the previously played song.
6. Some people also reported that their ipod touch does not turn on even if it is fully charged and in order to turn it on you have to connect the USB to it. Once the USB is connected to it the process of turning on takes hardly anytime.
7. Maximum number of people and users of ipod touch complained that the ipod automatically quits an application after running it for some amount of time. Remember the time after which it quits that application is fixed. After the application is quit a blank home screen appears on the main screen with high transparency level and in order to bring back the normal operation one has to reset the ipod touch.

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All the above mentioned problems are the most common ipod touch problems being faced by the people. Please share here if you have another ipod touch problems, and you have a better solution for the problem.

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