Common iPod Touch Problems

Common iPod Touch Problems

Music and its beats have set the young ones, teenagers, and everyone to dance on the rocking floor. Well everyone is fond of music and hence wants to have the best music player or so for himself/herself. Everyone was in search of a music player that had the unique and most advanced features with the cutest of all looks. Keeping this need in mind apple launched ipod touch. After its launch millions of people have bought it and are making use of it. Some are really satisfied from this product where as many people are unsatisfied as well because they are not getting the true value of the money they have spent.

Common iPod Touch Problems List

Well some of the most common ipod touch problems are mentioned as under:

1. One of the mostly faced and most common ipod touch problems is the performance of the ipod touch as per the expectations of the users or customers. What does it mean when we speak of the performance? It means the freezing of the browser sometimes in the middle of the operation. This freezing of the browser results due to slow operation of the processor. As per the survey conducted it was found that in order to deal with this problem customers have to reset or restart the ipod touch.
2. Slow speed of the processor or software was another problem being faced by many people as per the survey results. Because of slow speed of processor the performance was also lowered hence customers are being recommended to update their software regularly.
3. Some people reported that while listening to music in case you log in to the safari browser then the music stops playing which is really very irritating for them. This is the most common ipod touch problems faced so far.
4. Inability of Wi-Fi to connect to several network connections available is another problem that has been reported by many users using ipod touch.
5. Automatic repetition of song has been disturbing a lot of people. As per the complaints registered by many people it has been found that once a song is finished then rather then playing the next song the ipod touch sometimes repeats the previously played song.
6. Some people also reported that their ipod touch does not turn on even if it is fully charged and in order to turn it on you have to connect the USB to it. Once the USB is connected to it the process of turning on takes hardly anytime.
7. Maximum number of people and users of ipod touch complained that the ipod automatically quits an application after running it for some amount of time. Remember the time after which it quits that application is fixed. After the application is quit a blank home screen appears on the main screen with high transparency level and in order to bring back the normal operation one has to reset the ipod touch.

All the above mentioned problems are the most common ipod touch problems being faced by the people. Please share here if you have another ipod touch problems, and you have a better solution for the problem.

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  1. Some of my cons have dimmed, and each that dimmed have the word ‘waiting’ under them. Those so marked don’t work. Please help.

  2. My iPod will not let me play with any of my apps I had already tried turning the device off but still dose the same thing what should I do?

  3. im have this problem with my ipod touch 4gen i want get this app called Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation it says it takes up 1.1 GB and i have like 1.8 GB it says i dont have enough space i delete so much apps get that app plzzz help

  4. Hi, i have updated my iPod touch with iOS4.3.2. It worked fine for few days.
    Now i am facing a serious problem. My home screen is maximized and i cant browse through the icons. I even tried restore option from iTunes but nothing works. Dont know what to do now. Some one please help me.

  5. I am having problems with my ipod touch. I cannot turn it off. When I try, it acts like a camera going off and I do not have the camera feature on my ipod. I did reset it last night but now I am having problems with the date and time feature. It shows today’s date and time but it also shows one month ago….I was wondering also about the battery life. I have had my ipod for almost 3 years. Do you think that would be the issue? HELP!!!!

  6. my ipode struck…it show the music running….i cannot off/ or go to menu…all programme struck…and the screen is on…and mute mode…pl help me

  7. the i tunes on my laptop is saying ” This ipod cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device is not started.” what does that mean and how do i fix it???? PLEASEEEEE HELPPPPPP


    i was running out of batteries so i plugged my ipod on my computer. The day after my pc turned on sleep and my ipod screen turned to white.
    my ipod looks like to work but i have nothing but a white screen.
    plz help me…

  9. I received my iTouch 4 as a Christmas gift. It worked fine for a few days then all of a sudden it’s like it is possessed. It will start opening apps, typing random letters, closing apps, etc. etc. I turn it off, back on and it is fine for awhile. I have noticed that when I’m trying to type, it types random letters. I’m sitting here watching it now as it opens and closes apps and Safari windows. This is very frustrating. I plan to take it back if I don’t find a solution to this.

  10. hi my ipod is a 1st generation 16gb and i love music my ipod has been working properly for a while. and um my problem is that if i plug any type of head phones/speakers i only hear one part of the music through one ear or one speaker including the any type of speaker but idk if apple is going to charge me to get it repaired so helllllp meee pls!!

  11. my daughters ipod says it is locked for 21,363,728 minutes how can we get it unlocked….pleeez help

  12. Ok, I am trying to down load the lates for the Ipod Touch & it KEEPS cominng up with (there was a problem downloading the software for the Ipod, The network connection timed out make sure your net work settings are correct & your network connection is active, or try again later) This is killing me, my 2 kids have these things.

  13. i got my ipod touch on christmas day and ive been using it for a while. it is new years day today and im trying to listen to my music (it was working perfectly!) but the side buttons wont work for volume! it gose allll the way up or alll the way down! it wont work. even if i go to the song on the slide bar it wont work at all! i want my ipod to work soooooo bad! ive been reading online for a soulution for hours! i cant get it to work!
    please help me!!

  14. my ipod touch (2nd Gen, IOS 4) about a week ago was out of sync with videos. when i turned it off and back on it fixed. but now my ipod reset most of my settings, wouldnt let me turn it off. so when it ran out of battery i charged it completely and now it shows a symbol where it tells me to connect to the computer (itunes). what do i do?

  15. Hello. My apps weren’t loaded all the way and I turned off my iPod. The next morning when I turned it on, all my unloaded apps were mixed up! I sort them by animals,arcade games, Disney apps, etc. Is there a way I could quickly and easily get them where they were before? Thanks!

  16. HELP!!!!!!!
    My ipods screen wont work when i try 2 slide2 unlock it the darn thing just wont work plz plz! PLZ!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!

  17. something happend to my ipod something so weird i really need help so i left my ipod charging i left to school wen i got back the screen looked like if it had been a gazillion years under water and then the apple would only show up then it would turn on and off on and off by its self then it would not turn on at all and there was like you now that the screen has a liquid it all at the bottom of the screen i connected it but it wont do any thing ive been crying for like 2 hours i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. when i listen to music my album artwork doesnt show up.i downloaded the artwork correctly and everything but when i press the off button on my ipod and press the home button to look at the time the art work doesnt show up like other songs. please help

  19. My ipodtouch volume does not work,very rarely it comes on for me and when it wants only works when I have the ear phones plugged in.I have the iPod touch 4 th gen.
    I got it September and thought that I was not doing something right but months on have realised it’s not me!
    Can anyone help?

  20. I have problem with my ipod the screen it only shows a usb connector arrow to an itunes sign. pls help me..

  21. my 4th gen 32gb itouch screen will not turn sideways. how do i make it work i think its locked but i dont know how to unlock it. please help!

  22. i just turned on my ipod and it said that i had to wait 21 million minutes for it to not be disabled. i didnt do anything… i dont understand how to fix it. and i dont feel like waiting about 40 years? any help would be great!

  23. i just turned on my ipod and it said that i had to wait 21 million minutes for it to not be disabled. i didnt do anything… i dont understand how to fix it. and i dont feel like waiting about 40 years? any help would be great!
    thanks 🙂

  24. Respected Sir, i’ve tried a lot but was not able to get a proper solution for my problems. As of now I’m using Iphone 3gs with IOS 4.1. I have downloaded couples of Apps from Cydia & Installer .Now whenever i try to click on those apps they just crash. Another problem that i’m facing is my phone keeps of restating again & again when i lock my phone. The springboard keeps on crashing again & i have to restore my springboard again n again. Please help me with problem of mine as i would very thank full. I have downloaded various apps & tweaks from cydia & installers i do not want loose then. Please provide a solution for the same. Eagerly waiting for your reply, if yor require anything please do let me know.

  25. I got a very big problem, so, if anybody can help me, please do it.

    I installed the jaillbreake on my ipod touch, but, beacause i didn’t now what is blackra1n, i tryed to install blackra1n also, so i got two jaillbreakes on one ipod. Then, my ipod touch has been crashed. And vhen i tryed to restart it, he coulden’t turn on.


  26. Hello, I had stopped using my Ipod for 2 or 3 days and now it wont work. I try to plug it in and it wont work at all. Now im getting frustrated! I dont know what to do. I need help please.


  27. Since I downloaded the iOS 4.0, poor battery life, many apps not working. Uploaded 4.0.2 got worse so reset, now it won’t backup so iTunes won’t sync at all. I have a 2nd gen 16 gb iPod.

  28. My wife as a problem with her I Touch it loses charge on her battery quickly even when fully charged.

  29. um my ipod keeps telling me to plug in 2 itunes then wen i plug into itunes it tells me i have a password on

  30. HELP!!!!!!!
    My ipods screen wont work when i try 2 slide2 unlock it the darn thing just wont work plz plz! PLZ!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!

  31. My Ipod touch is diatoring recordings, playing at wrong speed with lots of echo. Any ideas?

  32. my ipod touch was under my towel in the sun a week ago for about 10 minutes touch side down so the sun wasn’t on the screen and now it is all dark and i cannot see the screen properly i have tried resetting the brightness but nothing seems to work!

  33. my ipod touch is messed up.. sometimes my sound wont work. it goes on and off randomly. and the “home” button wont work if i just push it. to make it work i have to push it extremely hard. its really annoying! please help(:

  34. My itouch is 7days old… LOL yeah and it didn’t detect if it’s charging or not (no reaction from its screen)… everything freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!The screen isn’t working no reactions in all strokes of slides touch I make….. this is really crazy!!!!!!!! IT’S VERY ANNOYING AND I WANT TO THROW IT AND BREAK IT TO DEATH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

  35. It’s decided to only play music out of the right headphone. It’s not the headphones as I’ve replaced them and tried others but it’ll still only play out of the right one :\
    It’s frikkin’ annoying me :\

  36. I’ve been having trouble downloading things (music, movies, apps, etc) straight to my iPod
    Sometimes if my batteries low and I try to listen to music and run an app at the same time the app will act like it’s from a 50’s computer and the music will stutter and eventually I’ll try to close the app and then every thing will freeze up and the musics still stuttering so I unplugged my headphone from it and I had to hold in home and lock to manually shut off my iPod and I’m not sure if it was low battery or the fact that my iPod didn’t want me listing the facts but I was trying to type this whole thing up last night and the iPod just crashed on me

  37. my ipod touch stopped working when i was listining to music. i tried to charge it wont work, tried to turn it on wont work! i tried everything i could think of…. till doesnt work!!!! help please it my baby and i cant ive without it!!!!!!!

  38. i have same problem with veronica and sherlyn on the above comment…i was playing guitar hero and suddenly all the icon on the screen becomes it wont back to the original size..what should i do..PLS ANYONE HELP ME……..

  39. I’m unable to erase the ip address, and the subnet mask numbers. When i tip the screen it won”t erase the numbers. It keeps going back to the old numbers. Please help!

  40. how do I get a password to get wi-fi on my ipod? The serial # for my modem is listed on my ipod but I don’t know what the password is.

  41. for you guys that got yours wet, try putting your ipod in a bag of rice for three days. It sounds weird but it really works.

  42. I let my friend borrow my ipod touch and the battery completely died. So wen i went to charge it, it started to turn on but it never turns on! It just stays on the black screen with the silver apple like its loading but it never changes from that screen.
    When i try to restore it and then plug it into the USB it just goes to the same screen and never leaves it. PLEASE help if i dont get this fixed my parents will kill me!!

  43. I am having porblems with my ipod tough 32g. Last night it was fine i was listening to it, i shut it off like normal. but when i woke up and tryed to turn it back on, it didnt so i thought it was just dead, so i pulled it to the wall charger i have and still nothing. So i tryed pulling it on to the computer but still nothing. I need help with this problem.

  44. I downloaded the text free app a couple of months ago and it worked fine and two days ago i updated the app and now when someone texts me from their ipod touch or iphone the text only sends to my ipod whereas before it sent also to my cell phone. What is the fix so that i receive texts on both my cell and ipod touch.

  45. New ipod touch, 3 days old, playing game, screen turned white, can’t do anything, please help!!!

  46. okay my ipod touch has issues some times when i turn it on and try to open something it opens the wheather i think it may just be a virrus from limewire but im not sure any suggestions would be helpfull

  47. Please help. My ipod is being dumb. It won’t do anything when you touch it. It just says the commands and double click to open. You can’t scroll up or down or anything can anyone help me????

  48. I purchased 4 videos and it was showing my movies doubled up on my Itouch and I deleted one and they both deleted. I tried to retrieve through Itunes and it said it wants to charge me again. Can I retrieve my already purchased movies?

  49. Hey could you plz give me some advice in how to get games on my iPod. The games I would like are money flight and fall down then I will get some more when I have got the hand of it. Thank you plz let me now as soon as possible it would be great it you could help but if can’t I will ask the apple shop thanks again king regards Ellie

  50. okay, so i have wifi at my house for my ipod touch and my brothers laptop. my brother can get on his internet fine but my ipod touch suddenly stopped letting me get on the internet. i try everything and it just keeps saying ‘internet connection failed’.

  51. my ipod is doing that update screen where it needs to connect to itunes…. i just got a new computer and i havent connected this ipod to itunes yet…. i have a pass word and when i connect it to get an update it says i need to put in my password….. but there is no way with that screen up

  52. I have Whirly Word App on my ipod. It worked fine until today. Now when I depress on the letters nothing happens. Sometimes just one letter will take, but I am unable to spell any words. Please help. Thank you.

  53. none of games will work!!
    they will load then they will switch off!
    they worked fine before help me please!!

  54. Most of these problems are easily fixable by apple when they release a software update. despite the errors iopd touch is still the best music player in the world and it leaves the zune hd in its dust. also if it runs slow try restarting it by holding the top left button down until the slide to power off appears

  55. Since my husband installed the new 4g software my games dont work right. I cant withdraw money out of my OG blast game to buy game stats because there is no done button and I have to press the wthdrawel button then the deposit button for the done and the cancel buttons to pop up to deposit my game cash.My Titan wars game will not open or connect either.

  56. ipod songs OUT of order problem

    hey, I have a ipod Touch and I am having problems with the songs not beening in order.Its like every song I be on there Its on the top of the A’s and it need to be in order by the name what do I do to fix it.

  57. Heyy Everyone,
    So my Ipod touches screan dose not work at all! Its really making me mad. Like anything on the screen is non touchable i have tried reseting it and everything but it dosenot work. PLEASE help me because i really dont want to send it back to apple. Its knida far away

  58. Hey I have a major issue with my I touch… whenever I plug my i touch in the computer and take it out its fine with music but when I click an app its horrible… It says pops up with whoever made it like it would usually do then it automatically exists out so I just buy stuff through wifi, can you help! I need to plug it in to the computer.

  59. Hello,

    My ipod touch moves by itself. it closes applications/app store/itunes/music etc. switches slides, capitalises itself on the search bar and a music bar flashes on and off the screens whilst it moving.

    i cannot do anything on it anymore!

    also when i try to lock it it makes a camera noise flashes white and takes screenshots of my screen and saves them too photos.

    Please Help Me! i have already restored my ipod and still it does not work!

  60. the edges of my ipod are popping up and makes a wierd sound when u push down harder then normal on screen. what should i do with it i still got apple waranty and stuff

  61. When listening to music I can here the instumental portions f the tunes just fine. The vocals however are either nonexistant or very fiant and distant.

  62. My iPod touch was used for a while then put away for a bout a I started back using it has a sucky battery life it’s even worse wen down loading it would work for about 10 mins an blank out. What could I do ?

  63. the touch screen of my ipod doesnt work at all. and i have no idea how to fix that. i mean i cant go in my ipod anymore. this really bothers me. please someone help me 🙂

    thank you very much

  64. My biggest problem is that i cant make phone calls on my ipod touch! Oh thats because it is not a mobile phone.

  65. all you have to do is hold the power button and home button, then turn it on again and it should work.

  66. i dropped my iPod touch in water and it seemed it be fine at first but then the speakers wouldnt work, it keep turning on and off. i restored it hoping it would work, then the wifi wouldnt work and the speakers are still broken and it still turns on and off. i really need help, i can’t afford to buy another one because i saved up for this one. i’ve had it for about a year. is there anyway to fix it or do i have get it repaired?
    please help!

  67. Help plzzzz!! =(
    I left my Ipod on after listening 2 some music and now the screen doesnt seem 2 respond 2 what i do – I try 2 unlock it but the screen isnt reacting at all =(
    plzzz tell me how 2 fix this

  68. my ipod touch will not let me transfer purchases from my ipod to itunes, it just keeps crashing. i have tried this several times and it doesnt work, it wont let me put any new things on it either. help me please!

  69. My Ipod touch doesn’t transfer all the applications from my computer when I sync it, it does go through the procedure but leaves apps behind?

  70. my ipod touch’s backlight isn’t working! it works rarely at random times for a couple of seconds pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas help me its my frends and i borrowed it he comes back in 2 months and he and his parent are gonna kill ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS HELP ME!!!

  71. I got a problem with my Itouch recently and thing is, everytime I set it on repeat, it doesnt as it brings me back to the main menu…WTF !!!

    and Ive only had it for about a month

  72. i got a problem of my itouch coz all the apps been maximize.,i mean its not been normal like before.,! what do you think that happened,and what should i do?thank you..its like veronica’s problem…help me tho.,!

  73. I was playing a game and watching TV at the same time, while I was pressing down on the screen and the FONTs increased to a big size on all icons, how do I get them all back to normal size. HELP!!!!

  74. Hiya, I am having trouble with my ipod-touch.
    I haven’t downloaded anything from it in a while but when I tried to it asked me to agree to the new terms and conditions, i clicked on agree it then took me to a blank screen that said loading, afterwhich it advised me that my session had timed-out- I did this a number of time after with the same result. I turned the touch off and left it for a while then turned it back on and still the same problem. i even clicked on the send terms to my email address, but it advised it was unable to send to my email address.
    This is really frustrating and I dont know how to fix this?? Any advised would be greatly appreciated. many thanks

  75. I have a ipod touch 8 gigs and the problem is that my movies will not play and my apps will not open when i click on them.. someone please help

  76. My ipod touch is a 8gb and it just shut off today when i was listing to music and i was half way charged. then today when i got home i plugged it up to my computer and the screen came back on. Then about a min later it shut off again.. still plugged in! Soo i have no cle at all whats wrong with it someone pls contact me back if anything like this has happend to yours i heard it was pretty common.:/

  77. i really need help, when i play a song right when it is finished it goes back to the main menu what do i do?

  78. When I touch the power button instead of putting it in sleep mode it takes a picture without me touching the power and home button! Is there any way I can fix this?

  79. The power button to my ipod touch is stuck and now I can’t turn it off. Is there any other way to power down?

  80. whenever i am listening to my music on my new ipod touch,and i want to take the headphones out,i can’t because the speaker does not work what do i do i bought the ipod so that i could listen to music without headphones

  81. I bought a 32GB iTouch in September 2008 and now it has lost several functions. The battery life lasts only an hour at best, even when not in use. The headphone port is dysfunctional so I cannot listen to music. Last, it will no longer connect to wifi in any location, even though it can sometimes recognize the hotspot’s signal. If you can help me out please let me know. Because the warranty is up, all Apple has suggested is paying $80 to get it replaced or trading it in for 10% off a new model.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  82. Well one day i went to go play a game and i clicked on it and then it closed out as soon at i clicked it. Then i got on google and asked how to fix it… Then they told me to go to settings then general next erase all content and setting so i did that. Then i waited for a while to erase. After all of it was erased and it erased everything but now it really works

  83. I erased all info from my Ipod touch from the menu in the Ipod, but now it’s not responding to anything, the apple sign appears the disappears without turning on and my computer doesnt recognise it!!!! What do I do?

  84. I download songs and app. from itunes and the songs pull over to my ipod fine, but the apps. will not pull over to my ipod. How can I fix this?

  85. may i know what is the problems encountered in i pod touch latest edition the model is MC086ZP. Because accourding to my friend that model has a sickness. Tnx

  86. I can only download one file of photos. Each time I try to add my next folder of photos it just overwrites the others I have seen other people who have ALL their photos listed separately, ie. by event or holiday, but mine will not do it. Please can you advise what to do!!!!

  87. I bought my touch in August 2009 since then I have had to replace it at the Apple Store TWICE!!! BTW, the employees at the Apple Store are horrible trolls – I would rather EAT GLASS than go back. The same problem keeps happening I connect it to a charger and it will not read my USB port, wall charger or ITUNES. I attempt to restore and that does not help either. Eventually it freezes on the Apple logo and dies. I asked the employee asssisting me today about the issue and never got an answer…Is this a common problem???

    Ipod = overpriced paperweight

  88. my ipod touch is just messed up first it kept freezing now its usb is pointing at the itunes sighn i dowhat do

  89. My ipod touch is fully charged, and you can turn it on, but the screen is very dim and the touch screen will not work. I tried to turn it off and back on, but I can’t puch the red off line.

  90. Ok im trying to figure out why my ipod touch isn’t working because i got a little snow in it but i got it out and now when i try to touch my screen nothing works except the power button can someone pleas tell me what is wrong.

  91. when ever i buy a song from itunes on my ipod it always deletes a song that i already had on it…how can i fix that….i spended all my $50 from a itunes gift card so does that mean i have to buy a all those songs again?

  92. how can i get the wifi application back on the ipod touch? is invisible cant press it. is gone.

  93. my screen somehow always zoom in and the apps and icons are huge and i cant figure out to fix it. help please 🙁 my ipod is my most fav device

  94. I too an having the problem with the zoomed in screen. I jailbroke a friend of mine’s 3g ipod touch 32gb. I warned him it was tethered and explained what that meant. He had it charged for a week and let it die. I re-jailbroke it for him. When it rebooted the screen was zoomed in and I cant figure out how to fix it. Im sure I can restore. But is there anyway to fix this without ful restoring? (The slowness of cydia is aggravating)

  95. my ipod touch is stuck in zoom all the icons are huge and i cant get
    it back to normal size . What do i do ?

  96. Hi i have an ipod touch 8g 2nd gen that i got 4 christmas. i have down loaded a couple apps through the app store on my ipod that work fine. i tried to down load some on my computer and then sync them to my ipod. they go on to my ipod but when i try to open them the open and then imediatly close out. i am also having problems with my ipod not playing songs that i had for my old ipod. please let me know if you can help.

  97. hi i am having problems downloading i tunes it keeps saying itunes requires a newer version of apple mobile device support an to uninstall itunes etc and to install itunes again. please help as i got dis for xmas an cant get it to even switch on cos of this prob.

  98. when i downloaded 2 games they wouldnt go on to my ipod, i synced it like 10 times but it still wouldnt come on.. anyone know how to fix?help plzz

  99. Rite, wen i save pics off safari on google images and then i go in ta saved photos and before you go in, beside the album name there is a small pic of the one i saved but then when i go in to tha album its not there!!!!!!! I tried turning it off, doin it agen, deletin other pics but it jus wnt wrk!!!! Helpppppppp!

  100. Hello. I own an 8 gig, 2gen iPod touch. I recently downloaded rock band through wifi. The game worked for a few days and then I went to open it again and it show the rock band page and closed imediatly. I have anouther game that does this to but I can’t figure out why. I have read around and have not yet found an answer. If you can help please respond it will help me and many others with this problem. Thanks.

  101. I just installed 2 new apps on my touch but they aren’t showing up on a “page”. I deleted a few apps thinking I had too many on here, but still no new icons. If I do a search I can open them up but that’s a pain & not something I want to do everytime I want either of these apps.

    Any idea of how to fix this?

  102. Hi, I downloaded games on my Ipod touch. At first it was fine but now when I click on a game it looks like it’s loading then just closes out. I’ve tried Resetting, Restoring, Deleting, EVERYTHING! What is wrong? I’ve been reading and a lot of people have this problem..HELP!

  103. i have the same problem. if you know what to do please e~mail me. it was almost 400$ when i bought it and i can’t use it at all now.

  104. My itouch will not power up or charge. I have tried wall charges, car chargeers, and different usb ports on two different computers. It will not respond to holding the home and on/off butting being pushed athe same time. Help.

  105. I have a backlight problem too. I’m quite handy with iPods, I’ve torn them open and replaced innards. My current iTouch I replaced the digitizer on it, and since then I’ve had poor wifi signal. But worse, the other day my backlight started randomly switching off sporadically!

    I can usually get it to come back on by hitting the sleep button and then re-waking it with the homw button. I think the home button is somehow re-activating the backlight, because if I wake the iTouch with the sleep button, it doesn’t always work.

    Anyone know if I have a loose wire or increased pressure somewhere where there shouldn’t be that’s causing this? Anyone know what else could be causing this? I’m not sending it to get fixed, I can do repaors myself, I just need to know where the problem is. Can’t find info anywhere. Please e-mail me back and help. Thanks.

  106. my ipod touch says it holds 1700 hundred something songs but i have 300 hundred on there and it says its full anybody know why!

  107. The other day my ipod touch’s backlight wouldnt turn on all the way and could barley see the screen so i triued to turn it off but the power button now tunred up the volume and would not turn off. A few minuets later the power button finally stopped controling the volume but still wouldnt turn the ipod on or off. I tried to turn it on today and it did and the backlight was working fine but the power button was no longer working it wont turn it on or off i have to plug it in to turn it on and let it turn it self off.

    If anybody knows how to fix this please let me know

  108. Mi ipod touch tiene cientos de fotos que vacie, y en el mismo me dice que ahi estan. Sin embargo cuando le pido las fotos ; aparece “ninguna foto”.
    alguien podria ayudarme con este problema? Gracias.

  109. well i was walking in the rain and a drop of water was on my ipod touch 2 gen and it wen all fuzzzy and wen i look down the headfone jack the sensor it white how can i fix it?
    i cant turn it on or go on the comp and it apppears.

  110. Hi,i got a nano ipod for my birthday yesterday ,i worked out how to download from i tunes, but i can`t sync it to my pc. If anyone can help ( in plain english because i am thick )cheers

  111. Hey,my iPod touch won’t turn sideways ( cover flow,album scrolling )I’m so upset. I don’t put it on a flat surface when I turn it,I turn it in an angle but it is the right angle for it to turn, but it won’t ..can anyone help me ? 🙁

  112. Hi, the back light wont come on on my ipod touch all of a sudden (hasnt been dropped or anything – just stopped working), how can i fix this without having to send it back?


  113. just hold the home button and the the button to turn it off/on and for 10 seconds at the same time and it will come on

  114. i was tring to install a theme. because my ipod was responding slowly, i decided to put it in stand-by mode. after sometime, i tried to turn it on but it isn’t turning on. i tried to plug it into the computer i can hear the beep and my itunes starts but nothing comes on the screen. even when turn it on, by hold the power button on for a long time, or hold the home botton, its just black. what should i do?

    please do email me..

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