iStylist Makeover App for iPod Touch and iPhone

iStylist Makeover AppDid you like doing the hair of your dolls when you were a little girl? Do you sometimes secretly wish that you could still do that today? Well now you can! With the new iPod touch app, the iStylist Makeover app, available from iTunes and suitable for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, you can make up your friends, give them funny hats, or put them in curlers! With this fun little app, there’s a makeover for everybody! But there’s even more this app can do, and it’s something that every girl that’s ever wistfully looked through a hairstyle magazine will appreciate.

With iStylist Makeover app for ipod touch or iphone, you can see how you would look with a hairstyle of your choice before you touch one pretty hair on your head. You can’t actually upload or insert any particular hairstyle, but this iPhone app does give you a choice of over 100 different ‘dos, plus many different background templates, hair color choices and adjustment tools, and you can even save and share on Facebook with all your friends – all from within the app itself! Not only can you make up yourself and all of your friends, but there’s also tons of how-to’s, tutorials, tips, and techniques that you can use on your own hair and take salon matters into your own hands.

Unfortunately, iStylist Makeover application for iPod Touch and iPhone isn’t free, but it does only cost $0.99. You can download the app here and start checking out how you’d look with a cowboy hat, tinted glasses, blonde highlights, or crazy cropped bangs. And the next time you go in to see your stylist, you’ll no longer be left at a loss for words when trying to describe the perfect hairstyle you want. Just show her your iPod!

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