Funny Pics for iPod Touch

There’s a reason that millions of people forward funny pictures found in their Inboxes every day – because we can’t get enough of funny pictures! And whether it’s a cat wearing a watermelon as a helmet, or a cow with a cigar sticking out of its mouth, we can’t get enough of them! Now, you don’t have to waste all that time checking your email and then forwarding them to all your friends. Because now, you can carry around all those pictures with you with the Funny Pics app for the iPod Touch.

Yep, it’s another app that is exactly what it sounds like – it’s an app that brings you all kinds of funny pics! And they’re pretty funny too, just check out the screenshots in iTunes and you’ll see how this app will have you busting a gut! And you don’t have to worry about just checking out a few photos before you’ve run through the cycle and end up back at the first one because this app has over 5,000 pics and there are more added every day – dozens more! You can download the pictures in case you want to always have them on your iPod Touch, or you can send them out via Twitter and Facebook, so that everyone can get in on the fun!

Rate the pictures, search through the pictures, or just comment on the pictures and see what comments other people have left! You can do it all right after you download the app from iTunes here. Do it! It’s free, and a real hoot!

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