Pocket Frogs for iPhone

Calling all collectors! Do you love starting up different collections, getting a hold of all the different little knicks and knacks to go along with it? Do you love checking out other people’s collections and exchanging doubles of what you have, for their doubles of what you need? If you have so many collections crammed on your shelves that you couldn’t possibly fit one more (but still really want one more!) then you need to download the Pocket Frogs app for the iPhone or iPad.

This collection of Pocket Frogs is just that – a collection of cute and adorable collection of little frogs that fit in your pocket – because they’re on your iPhone. In the app there are different challenges and obstacles that you will need to overcome. The more you conquer, the more Pocket Frogs you get to add to your collection. Tell your friends about Pocket Frogs and they can do the same thing so that you can keep checking back with each other’s collections to see what’s up for trading and swapping.

The challenges are all geared towards taking care of your frog and breeding them so they’re also perfect for those who love these kinds of games (there are tons of pet-care games popping up on Facebook alone all the time.) Or, if you just love collecting or, if you just love cute frogs. This app is really adorable and it’s free, so really what is there to lose? Download it from iTunes here and start building your own cute collection of Pocket Frogs.

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