TinkerBox for iPad

Are you an engineer student? Or just an inventor at heart? If you love building stuff and figuring out how it all works together to make a fully operating machine, then you’ll definitely want to download the TinkerBox app for the iPad. This app not only has tons of puzzles that are based on the concepts of physics, but you can also build your own machine or other scientifically-designed invention, and you can learn all kinds of cool stuff about science and physics along the way.

This app is divided up into two different categories as soon as you open the app up. You can either build, where you can design just about any machine or invention that you could imagine and truly come up with your own unique creation; or you can solve puzzles that will really leave  you scratching your head and wondering why you just can’t figure it out!

In addition to all of this, the inner cogs of this app also run smoothly and beautifully on their own. Their are virtually no ads in this app and the graphics are some of the highest praised their are in the app reviews. In fact, users love this app so much that many are somewhat shocked to find that it didn’t make into the Greatest Top Ten Free Apps. But, it is in the Top 100 and we guess that has to say something for it. We also tried it out ourselves and while scientists we are not, we definitely found it quite entertaining and more than just a little challenging.

If you’re an engineer student, an invention enthusiast, or just someone who really loves the world of science, start discovering some of the best puzzles there are by downloading this free app from iTunes here.

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