Get Protective when Losing your iPhone

Get Protective when Losing your iPhone. When it comes to the things you love in life how do you protect them? From your family and your home to your mobile phone, everything needs to be protected these days.  Protected from the all the scary things that are out there, lurking round every corner, ready to do harm.

The same goes for your iPhone.  Losing your iPhone or having it stolen can feel like losing a part of yourself.  All those times you go to grab your phone from your bag or your pocket when you are waiting for the bus, a friend, an appointment, and wait, it’s not there.  Why?  Because you lost it, or worse, someone stole it from you.

Make a change

Well, it doesn’t have to feel like losing a limb.  Because, if you are incredibly savvy then you will make sure that you take out iPhone insurance.  Insurance designed specifically for your iPhone.  From just £5.99 a month that’s probably the equivalent of the loose change you’ll find behind the back of your sofa.

Be smart

Your smartphone is a pretty clever piece of kit, so it is time it was in the hands of someone smart.  By taking out insurance on your iPhone you will be making that next step to being incredibly clever and asserting your protective forces over your phone.  But there are also a few things that you can do to help keep your phone safe.

Lock it

Does your phone have a passcode?  If not then it might be a wise idea to have one.  This will help protect your phone if someone does steal it.

Find my phone

There is an app that will help locate your phone using GPS.  If you switch this on and have a passcode for your phone then the chances are you will be able to locate it if it is lost or stolen.  Failure to have either could mean that the person who has stolen your phone can deactivate it so your phone will disappear and head to phone heaven, along with the other thousands of phones that are stolen each year.

Wrap it in plastic

No, not cling film.  But a plastic case. You can get all sorts of cases now.  One with animals on them, fashion, music, TV shows and you can even have ones that are bespoke to you.  There are plenty of companies out there who will create you a cover for your phone with a picture of your family or friends.


Is your phone registered with your network provider?  Make sure it is.  If you have bought your phone from somewhere other than through your contract then make sure you register its details with your network provider.

Keep your phone safe.  Make sure you know where it is and that you don’t leave it on the seat next to you on the bus or sticking out of your handbag.  Pesky thieves will always be on hand to steal your phone and make you miss it terribly.  Don’t run that risk.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a fun-loving and adventurous technology guru. He is a free-lance writer and enjoys playing poker with his mates every Saturday.

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