iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4

iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 has arrived and Apple fans everywhere are rejoicing, all of them of course apart from those who have just snapped up a 3GS – but it’s not all bad. Here’s a look at some of the differences between the former iPhone King, the iPhone 3GS, and the upgraded iPhone 4.


The first thing that you’ll notice is the design changes. Out is the curved back and plastic and in is the squarer shape with reinforced steel band and black glass. The iPhone 4 is much thinner than the 3GS at 9.3mm although it is slightly wider by 3.5mm. The new iPhone is marginally heavier at 137g, compared to the 3GS’ 135g.

Wireless and Data Capabilities

Nothing much new to report, the only changes are the addition of 802.11n, alongside the current 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.1.

Power and Battery Life

There’s 2 extra hours of talk time on the iPhone 4 and you get one hour’s more browsing time and 10 hours audio playback compared to the 3GS. However, standby time at 300 hours and video at 10 hours is still the same.


The size of the iPhone 4 display may be the same as the 3GS but there have been major changes here. Apple has introduced ‘retina display’ which crams in four times as many pixels – which is more than the human eye is actually able to detect. The iPhone 4 resolution is double that of the 3GS at 960×640 pixels.

Camera and Video

iPhone users used to lament the lack of a decent camera on the iPhone, well now they have introduced a 5megapixel camera which uses a bigger chip for low light quality and also has a flash. There’s a second front-facing VGA camera for video calling and you can even record videos in HD and edit them on your phone.


There are plenty of new features packed into the iPhone, including some that iPhone users had bemoaned the lack of including; multi-tasking, video calling, spell checker, app folders, inbox integration and a customisable background.


The accelerometer, GPS, compass and Wi-Fi locaters all stay the same on the iPhone 4. However, there is the addition of a 3 axis gyroscope which adds six-point movement into apps and games and works in much the same way as a Wii controller. This one will have gaming fans excited about the possibilities.

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Sarah Gemini. I ordered the new iPhone 4 from Phones4u as soon as I got the chance as I love Apple products. As you can see the
iPhone 4 features are quite different to the old iPhone 3GS and it is much more slimline. If you love the iPhone 3GS, then I guarantee that you will like the new one. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

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