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The new Apple iPhone 4 comes with a lot of stuff that wasn’t offered on iPhones previously, and one of those things is the Apple iPhone 4 Bumper. This bumper is not a case for your iPhone 4 but rather, just what it says it is – a slim bumper that fits around the entire edge of your iPhone 4 while leaving the back and front open. 

The bumper is made of both rubber and plastic and will not only protect your iPhone 4 from bangs and dents, but also features some shock-absorbency, which is great for when you drop your device and don’t want all that delicate data inside to get scrambled. The volume and power buttons are also done in metal and are raised so you can feel for them quickly and easily, even when your iPhone is in your pocket – and you won’t even have to yank it out because you’ll just be able to feel for whichever function it is you need.

The Apple iPhone 4 bumper comes in six different colors – black, pink, orange, blue, green, and white. So however you want your new iPhone 4 to look, you can still make it show off your personality and have the look of an iPhone that you’ll absolutely love! 

But, there might be a few things to the Apple iPhone 4 Bumper that you might still find missing. Mostly, there’s the fact that it supplies you virtually no protection to the back of your iPhone, nor does it give any protection to the screen. And that’s an area of the iPhone that users try to protect above all else. And of course, there’s always the fact that if you own any other model of iPhone other than the iPhone 4, you can forget about it. The bumper won’t fit your device.

If however, you are the lucky owner of an iPhone 4, and you think there’s enough style factor and protection wrapped up in the Bumper, you can buy it from Apple here.

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  1. Not so many cases are designed for iphone 4.I am long around for the one which could protect my gadget without hampering the look and feel.This ones looks good.

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