Cool Ocean Feature Added to Google Earth App for iPhone

We all know about the Google Earth app, right? Geography nuts love it, outdoorsy people can’t get enough of it, and builders and developers use it on a regular basis. And that’s not to mention all those users that use the app just to find their own backyard on the world wide globe. But, this is one app that just got extremely cooler and will have everything zipping around the four corners of the Earth – whether you want to go around it, or under it. Under sea level, that is.

With the new updates to Google Earth, you can go below the surface of the world’s oceans and check out aquatic terrain and landscaping that  you would never otherwise get a chance to see in this lifetime! Imagine checking out the underwaters of the Great Barrier Reef and zooming around to check out every nook and cranny simply by swiping two fingers around the screen. Of course, many have been lucky enough to see these sites with their own eyes when it’s been right in front of them. From these contributors come many real life photos and images – over 100 to be exact. And, like all good apps that get an update these days, it fully supports retina display so you’ll be able to see images from all over the world with perfect clarity.

One thing that didn’t change with the update of this app is that it’s still available completely free, and can be used on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Download it here.

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