Donut Maker for iPod Touch

If you have Cake Maker, Cookie Maker, or any of the other Maker apps and have fallen in love with them, then the chances are good that you’ll love the Donut Maker app just as much. This app brings all of the simple fun and brings it to you in a very big way. And the chances are that once you’re done, you’ll love donuts even more.

Start by mixing up the donut batter and then rolling it out and cutting out donut shapes using the cookie cutter. Then, you get to fry ’em up! Drop them in that hot delicious grease and let em go until they’re crispy, golden, delicious brown. But don’t forget! Leave those donuts in too long and they’ll disintegrate right into the grease. And there’ll be no donuts for you.

Once they’ve come out of the grease, that’s when the fun really starts, because we all know that the best part of any Maker app is the decorating! Choose from different types of icing, decorations, candies, and nuts, and decorate your little donut-making heart out. If you end up really loving one when you’re done, you can post it to Facebook so that all your friends can ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over it, or you can put it up on your fridge to save for later. If you love the Maker apps, then start making your own donuts by downloading the Donut Maker app free from iTunes here.

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