How to Transfer iTunes Library to another Computer?

Wondering how to transfer your iTunes library to another computer?

For some reason, many of us are fond of collecting some pretty large music selection and iTunes library to the extent that we are going to face the problem of looking for ways on how to transfer them without deleting even a single track. But not only that, movies and other videos must also go with them without being corrupt. In some ways, you must have spent months or even years just to have a collection as large as the one you have.

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Although, the transferring of files seems to be challenging especially if you are backing up your computer, there are so many ways available for you to use. You can actually look over the Internet and look for them all by yourself or simply continue reading this article as I have prepared some ways here which I have tried before.

Here are some applications you can use on how to transfer iTunes Library from your iPod to your computer;

  • CopyTrans – this is one of the best applications you can use to backup your iPod to your computer. What you need to do is to download a free trial and purchase a full license if you like it; $20 is just fair enough to make your collection safe enough. But not only that, using this software, you can also listen to your favorite song from your iPod using your computer or copy selected songs to your liking.
  • iPodCopy – this interactive software might be the one that fits for you. Anytime you like, you can purchase this application for just $19.99 and use it to backup or copy your large iTunes library. And speaking of iTunes, the User Interface of iPodCopy is similar to the interface of iTunes itself. Automatically, your iPod will be detected by iPodCopy when plug it into the computer in which this application is installed.
  • iGadget – this software is not given for free for iPod users. However, $15 is worth all your music and video files which you have compiled over the years. You need to download and purchase a license for iGadget to be installed on your computer and use all its functionalities including the copying of music from your iPod. Simply like other iPod music copier, you can select the songs you want from your iPod or simply copy the whole collection.

Now, if you simply want to copy your iTunes library from your computer to another one, you have to do the following;

  • External Hard Drive – one of the most impressive sides in technology is that computer components which are supposed to be put inside the computers can now be use outside just like any external hard drive. If you have one of these, you simply have to plug it into your computer. If you are using Windows, simply look for My Music folder and copy it directly into your external hard drive. If your computer is Mac, look for Music folder and send it over to your hard drive. It is easy, isn’t it?
  • Mac Migration Assistant – it is time you get to know the capabilities of your Mac computer when it comes to copying of data from one to another. Now, look inside your Applications folder and directly go inside the Utilities folder, you can find the Migration Assistant there; it is just a tool used to transfer or move settings or data files from your computer to another. Please be advised that it is available only for Mac computers.

There may be some ways not mentioned here on how to transfer your iTunes Library from one location to another. The good thing is, everything can be found on the Internet; you just have to dig a little deeper. Or you may want to visit this site everyday for some updates regarding iPhone, iPod and the latest iPad Tablet which was released last month, January 27, 2010.

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