Next Generation iPhone Specs and Rumors

The title of this piece is sure to catch your attention. This doesn’t mean that it is all based on rumors and speculation. There is absolutely nothing which is clear but some suppliers tend to believe that Apple are eyeing Intel’s Moorestown MID (Mobile Internet Device) which they announced recently for use in the next generation iPhone. Also, the perks which are mentioned with the product are just samples of what Moorestown has up it’s sleeve.

This is based upon the 2008 Menlow MID platform and will be produced using a newer, cooler, forty five nanometer process of manufacturing that Intel believes will easily be able to produce chips for your mobile devices as well as handheld PCs which are 10 times more efficient than the chips which are being used today. This could mean that the new iPhone may be able to give you close to twenty four hours of use on just a single charge.

There are also many new hardware offerings as well as support. These new processor chips will integrate GPU, CPU & memory controller functions.

Apart from the hardware benefits, there is also a distinct develpoment advantage that Apple would gain from switching its whole line to Intel’s x86 platform. In place of specially developing or compiling OSX & it’s coimponents for the custom platform based on the ARM processor, Apple will now directly share components as well as code between both the PC version of their OSX and their mobile version of their OSX.

If you have a Menlow then you should definitely put the Moorestown on your Wish List as it is far better in every aspect. Production of Moorestown is currently on and it should be available sometime next year. Also, the battery usage time adds to why you should wait for this new CPU.

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