Why Apple Steer Clear of AT&T

If you have owned one of Apple’s beloved iPhone devices at some point in the past in the United States, then there is a chance that you will have had the phone on a contract with the mobile phone network; AT&T. If you have, then you will probably have noticed that the service from the company hasn’t been quite as good as you would expect it and now, Apple too has realised that AT&T is not the way for them to go and they are planning to steer clear of the mobile phone operator.

Although the AT&T network might be good for some other mobile phones, it is certainly not the best for the Apple iPhone device. One of the reasons for this is that Apple is a provider of premium products and services (as you can tell by their pricing) and AT&T doesn’t really seem to give this kind of a vibe. This is why Apple is seeking out new mobile phone operators. Another reason is that it makes the Apple iPhone device look less desirable. AT&T are quite well known for providing a service that isn’t too high quality and now, this is what the iPhone is being associated with and this is certainly not what Apple want.

Apple are now planning to release their iPhone devices on the Verizon network in the future and steer clear of AT&T. Verizon are currently trialling 4G speeds on their network which should see great things in the future.

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