What the Google Phone Nexus Means for Apple

The thing that sets the Android apart from the iPhone is that the platform is very open, if you look at it in terms of licensing approach or in terms of accessibility for 3rd party developers.

Google is willing to license Android to all companies that are interested which will ensure that handset makers as well as wireless carriers can adapt to their various software needs.

Just imagine how widespread this could become. Still, the iPhone remains exclusive to only  AT&T subscribers for the next five years.

This is more than enough time for the Android to come into this market and sweep up all their customers.

Also, developers are going to be allowed to build applications for the Android, with very few restrictions. On the other hand, Apple does not allow third party applications on the iPhone and this is a major downside to this mobile device.

If the Android becomes popular then the competition that Apple will face will really benefit iPhone users as Apple would be forced to work twice as hard to keep their mobile device revolutionary.

This means that we could be looking at various upgrades on the iPhone like 3G networking speeds, Flash and Java support and better handling of docs.

There are many problems with the iPhone which Apple would want to rectify immediately so that they can keep up with the Android. Let’s see what they choose to do.

Now, the most important question. Should you get rid of your old iPhone for a new google phone?

There are many unanswered questions and it is too soon to know how well Google can pull this off. But, since Google has had so much success in recent times, Apple should start working on some innovative ideas soon.

Let’s hope this is the start of a new, healthy rivalry.

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