Is the Apple iPhone going to T-Mobile before Verizon?

The Apple iPhone has been a controversial device since it has been released. Rumors and speculation have swelled around the iPhone since it’s launch, how long AT&T would have exclusive rights, if copy and paste would ever be implemented, if background apps would ever be allowed, etc. But now a new rumor has come out, instead of Verizon being the next carrier in the United States for the iPhone, that the iPhone could be coming to T-Mobile sooner rather than later.

This is an interesting concept, it is easy enough, as long as Apple has an out on their contract with AT&T (or if the contract is almost up), there are no hardware requirements or changes needed (like the CDMA technology that a Verizon iPhone would require). Apple could simply ink a deal with T-Mobile and have the phone out and in stores in a matter of minutes (in business terms, that is).

T-Mobile would bring a very interesting change from AT&T, their customer support is supposed to be leaps and bounds above AT&T (not saying much, though my experiences have been 50% OK). They also have crazy cheap data packages, if T-Mobile found out a way to get the iPhone and offering one of their great unlimited plans. They would simply blow AT&T out of the water (in markets where T-Mobile is prevalent, which is mainly larger markets).

The thought is interesting, would you be making the switch?

[Via: Information Week]

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