Free iPhone Games; Cityville Hometown

Cityville Hometown is a free game that has recently been released into the iTunes app store and it was made by the well known gaming company; Zynga. Zynga were the company that created the Farmville game and if you are familiar with that, then you will find this game to be very similar. Although the company started the game on Facebook, they have now moved on to creating the games for mobile devices including the iPhone and this is a platform in which it works well.

The idea behind the Cityville Hometown game is that you will have to build and run your own city. It is very similar to Farmville in this respect as it is one of those games that will require a lot of attention if you care about your city. The game looks absolutely fantastic as it has iPhone 4 Retina graphics and a cartoon style to it, much like the Farmville game.

The game has a number of different unique features including the fact that you can purchase things from within the app if you want that little bit of extra help. However, if you choose not to purchase anything from within the application, the game is essentially completely free forever. The game also allows you to connect with Facebook friends and visit their Cities which will allow you to have even more goals. The game is well worth downloading and if you like games like Farmville and Tiny Tower, this will be a great game for you.

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