iPad 3 Rumors Show Major Overhaul

The iPad 3 may not have been officially announced yet but it sure looks like we might be in for a real treat when...
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iPad 3 Release Date Rumors & Features

iPad 3 Release Date Recently, many rumors about iPad 3 are being spread in the internet; of course it is about iPad 3 release...
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iPhone 5 Rumors: New Case and New Antenna

iPhone 5 Rumors: New Case and New Antenna. For the new iPhone, the iPhone 5, it’s time for a revamp. Not that the iPhone...
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iPhone 5 and iPad Lineup Change Expected

Rumors surrounding Apple’s 2012 lineup change have begun to fly and it seems that everyone has approximately the same expectations from Apple. Early in...
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Apple iPad 2 Rumors – Latest Update

There have been a lot of rumors over the last few months about the release of the Apple iPad 2 device next year. Ad...
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