How to Download Free iPhone Ringtones

If you are anything like me and want to customize Iphone to your liking what better place to start than by changing the ringtones. Okay given the default ringtones are good, but let’s be honest they are boring, so here I am to teach you how to download free iphone ringtones. Yes iTunes does sell ringtones for 99 cents but I will teach you how to download free iphone ringtones, yes you read it right free and free is always better than spending money isn’t it? I will show you legit ways to get the ringtones for your iPhone. A little information about the ringtones in iphone the only difference between ringtones and songs in Iphone is the format meaning the songs are in .MP3/AAC format and the ringtones are in .M4R format.

So here’s a tutorial to teach you how to download free iphone ringtones. The principle is quite simple its grabbing 30 seconds of song samples and using them in your iphone as ringtones (all the ringtones conventionally are just 8-10 seconds looping over and over so 30 seconds is a lot trust me).

The first thing you need to do to download free iphone ringtones is to login to the iTunes website and make a playlist of the songs that you would like to have as your ringtones.

The next step is to export the playlist that you have made as text to notepad, WordPad, Microsoft word or any other text editor. You will see that the songs have a Url in front of them, copy that Url and paste in your browser and download the 30 seconds sample from the ITunes site and you have download free iphone ringtone, repeat the process any number of times you want.
The last step in the process to get free ringtones for your iphone is just to convert the format to the .M4R and Copy the files to /Library/Ringtones on iPhone followed by going to Settings>Sound>Ringtone. That’s how easy it is to download free iphone ringtone the legitimate way. Now you know this go ringtone crazy!

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  1. Don’t do it in text format! Do it in actual writing format ex. “Fashion Games” not “Fshin Gamz”. I am correct, am I not? Then it will probably work!

  2. i exported in txt format and was able to get it open on word pad but its all txt no url what did i do wrong??

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