Unable to Use the iPod Touch Bluetooth Solution

iPod touch’s popularity is now very wide this is why more and more people are surfing the internet for any information regarding their iPod. They want to know the latest accessories, updates, software, and many more about their iPod, most especially; they are finding solution about the problems they are experiencing with it. One problem that most people ask is why they are unable to use their iPod’s Bluetooth.

When your iPod shows no Bluetooth address if you go to “settings” then “general” then “about” and then “Wi-Fi or Bluetooth” and it does not show any address then you can’t use your Bluetooth or your Wi-Fi. Also when your Wi-Fi shows that it is connected to the network but you can’t use it for surfing, checking mails, or other things, then you really have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problem. Another symptom is that your iPod shows the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth icon in gray color and cannot be paired with Bluetooth accessory or device, then this is a problem.

First thing you can do is to sync your iPod to the iTunes to have a backup of some of your iPod data and then try tapping first the “settings”, “ general”, “ reset”, “reset network settings”. Then, check again if your device is now displaying a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth address. If yes, then you’re good. If not, continue.

Go now to “settings”, general”, “reset”, erase all content and settings”. Then again check. If okay, you’re done. If not, try again the next step.

Restore the iPod touch software using the iTunes and then sync your settings previously. Check again. If you got it already, then you are done. If not at all, you may need to see a repairman for this problem.

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  1. My I touch could sync with other phones, but the thing is that I am still not be able to transfer any thing. If could help to solve the problem will be so appreciated.

  2. my bluetooth gets connected but is unable to transfer information or accept the same.tell something to fix this problem

  3. i ask this i am new at ipod touch my nephew gave me a ipod youch. i do not know if i can use any other wireless connection besides wi fi how does blue tooth work using ipod touch

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