iOS 4.2: What’s in store?

As you might have already heard, Apple will be releasing iOS 4.2 for all of the IOS devices in the coming months and it is expected to bring a few new features to the devices. In terms of the iPod Touch and the iPhone devices, there are a few things that will change within the system.

Of course, the main idea when Apple releases a new version of their operating system for their devices is that they fix anything that was wrong with the previous version, including any bugs and add a few new features. This is the case with the iOS 4.2 system update as there are a few bugs that have been fixed but there are also a couple of great new additions to the system.

The iOS 4.2 update is still in the beta testing stages but it expected to be released by Apple over the next couple of months. One of the new features of the update is that there will be added functionality for Facetime. A Facetime button will be added into the text message area of your phone, making it easy to Facetime call anyone that you have been texting. As well as this, there will also be many updates to YouTube including the ability to give videos the ‘thumbs up’

Overall, there are a few great changes in iOS 4.2 but nothing huge. You can find out the full; details and download the beta version on Apples website.

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