Angry Birds iPhone App makes its way to Android

Angry Birds is one of the most successful iPhone and iPod Touch games ever to be released and now, it is making its way over to the Google Android operating system. Angry Birds has created a phenomenon around the world since it was first released a few months ago and downloads for the application on the iPhone device have actually topped more than six million. It is thought that Angry Birds is going to be the next Tetris or even Mario and now, it is making its way over to other operating systems and devices.

As the Angry Birds phenomenon grows, the game is getting released a variety of new devices with the first being the Android Smartphone’s. Angry Birds is currently being developed by Rovio; the makers of the game, to run on Android phones and it is expected to be released in the Android app store pretty soon. As well as this, there is also set to be a number of plush toys of the characters in the game released before Christmas this year and it is expected to be another hit for the Angry Birds franchise.

The success of the Angry Birds application for the iPhone really shows just how much people are using their mobile devices to play games these days and the Angry Birds Android App is expected to be released at some point in the near future.

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