StumbleUpon iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

One of the things that has become really big on the internet over the past couple of years is something called social bookmarking. This is where users from all over the world can bookmark their favourite sites and allow other users to browse through them and find them. One of the best websites that allows you to do this is something called StumbleUpon and now, there has been a StumbleUpon iPhone and iPod Touch app released.

The StumbleUpon app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch has been designed to allow you to stumble on websites using your iPhone or iPod Touch as well as your computer. The basic idea of the app is exactly the same as the website and you will be able to stumble on a variety of different things that different users have submitted to the website. The design of the app has been carried out particularly well and it works well on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, despite the small screen size. The app has a range of features once you find something that you like and you will be able to give it the StumbleUpon Thumbs Up, just like on the website as well as being able to browse things on Flickr, News items, YouTube videos and more.

This is a great app if you are a little bored and want to find something new on your iPhone and StumbleUpon works well on the devices. The app is available free of charge.

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  1. Yes I think social bookmarking is spreading so much in internet and beneficial as well to promote your business.

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