Untethered iOS Jailbreak

Untethered iOS Jailbreak Coming in 2012
Untethered iOS Jailbreak Coming in 2012

Apple is currently developing all sorts of new products including new devices and new operating systems which will present dozens of new challenges in 2012. Of course iOS 5 is still somewhat of a challenge to hackers as they are still having issues getting a  truly untethered jailbreak to work on the latest update of iOS 5.

Experts say that iOS 5 and other upcoming releases of iOS 5 will continue to present a challenge to hackers and jailbreakers but as Apple gets more advanced with their technology so will the hackers. An untethered and full working jailbreak is only a few weeks or months down the road no matter what version of iOS 5 you wish to use so 2012 will definitely bring plenty of unlocked and untethered devices through convenient jailbreaking.

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