Glowing Icons App for iPhone/iPod Touch Makes Your Device more interesting

One of the things that you might have noticed about the iPhone and iPod touch devices is that there is a limited amount of things that you can actually do with them in terms of the style of the icons and the design of them. This is especially true if you have one of the older models of the iPhone or the older firmware installed on them. Now, there is a new app for the devices that has been released by a company called Big Blue Clip, LLC, and it is called the Glowing Icons application.

Obviously, one of the things that you can actually do with this app is make your icons on your device actually glow. This is a great look on the iPhone and iPod Touch and it really makes your device have a little bit more life. As well as this, the app has a few other things up its sleeve including the ability to be able to change the background don the device to a variety of HD wallpapers that come with the app and even select any photo you want from your photo album. As well as this, you can make the icons glow in whatever colour you like.

Overall, this is a fantastic app for the iPhone and iPod Touch and you should note that you require at least iOS 4.1 in order to install it. The app is available free on iTunes.

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