iLlumination US for iPhone

There are many applications that will let you use your iPhone as a flashlight. But if you want one that will actually let you use your phone as a flashlight, and not just something that makes your screen really bright, then you might want to install the iLlumination US – Universal Flashlight app for the iPhone.

There doesn’t seem to be too much that’s different from the actual flashlight function. Except maybe that it is equipped with a tap function for the iPhone 4, and it is said to be ultra-bright. Given that the iPhone 4 has the amazing retina display, this isn’t actually all that surprising. But, the app does come jam-packed with other features that make it so much more worthwhile than any of those other ones. And of course, if it’s too bright for you, just swipe your finger across the screen and the contrast will be adjusted.

Firstly, it has a strobe function, and you can choose many different modes of strobe! So whether you just want to look into that dark nook in a really cool way, or you want to get your disco on, this app will let you do it! And you can even use Morse Code with it and the Code has precise flashing times – so you’ll always be sure to get the right message across. Among all these cool features you can also choose the color you want your screen to be, and you can lock the screen so that it doesn’t turn off just because you accidentally hit the screen.

Find out just how cool a flashlight app for the iPhone really can be by downloading the iLlumination US from iTunes here.

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