Beezy 1.0 released for iPhone Touch and iPhone

The applications designed for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch are really amazing and they leverage the groundbreaking technology for the users. Such software and apps for iPod Touch and iPhone users are relaxing as the software make things easier for them. The latest such software for the Apple gadgets is the Beezy 1.0. Like many software packages this one is also an useful application for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Paradigma Software and Developer Andrew Alex have released the Beezy 1.0 for the iPod touch and iPhone. The Beezy 1.0 released through Apple App Store and is available for US $2.99. The price is very good for such wonderful software. This is time tracker software for creative professionals. Once you install the software in your iPod touch or iPhone, you can track time sessions of your work, concerts, interviews, sports, recreation and exercises as well as others. You must use it before and after the pictures instead of words.

To install Beezy 1.0 in your iPod Touch or iPhone, you require OS 2.1. This is not compatible to software of lower range or software that has been degraded for jailbreaking. The updates of Beezy are free. You have to pay only once and all the updates will come for free afterwards. Given below is simple guide to Beezy 1.0

#The Beezy supports actual OS versions for iPhone that has OS 2.1 and the iPod Touch of 1st and 2nd Generation. Once you install the software from Apple App Store, all the updates from the Beezy are free for customers. The source will release bugfix update, and release improvement updates from time to time. They also have plans to add horizontal layout, full-text search, session merging and customer folder icons. The added language updates at Beezy 1.0 are also free.

#The source also includes some other great features and pro versions are available for regular customers with regular pay. If at times you don’t find any change in the updates that have been installed in it be sure that the announcement had been wrongly updated from App Store.

#Installing and re-installing the Beezy will not delete application of folders, record, images, and notes in your iPhone or iPod. While you do anything on Beezy connecting it to your computer make sure that you take backup of all files and folders. Though no one has complained yet about losing data while installing or re-installing Bezzy 1.0, it is always smart to play safe.

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