Secrets To A Better IPhone 5 Battery Life

Secrets To A Better IPhone 5 Battery Life. The new iPhone 5 is an incredible device. Capable of doing a multitude of tasks, this smartphone is the ultimate device for more than just communication. And nothing is worse than having the battery die when you’re stuck without a charger. So if you’re the lucky owner of a new iPhone 5, try these secret tips to help prolong the iphone 5 battery life and keep the juices flowing.

Adjust Your Location Settings

Each time your iPhone uses GPS technology to find your exact location your battery takes a serious beating. This can be on anything from weather apps, maps, news apps, or social networking sites. Consider adjusting your location settings to only activate when using specific applications – this will prevent your battery from draining within a few hours or even minutes.

Watch Out for Screen Brightness

While having a bright screen on your iPhone 5 can help reduce the strain on your eyes, it can also contribute to lost battery life. When you’re in well-lit rooms or under the sun, lower the brightness on your phone’s screen in order to save some much-needed battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

Unless you’re actively searching for a wireless network, there’s no reason to have Wi-Fi settings activated. Even though you’re not paying attention, your iPhone 5 is constantly searching for a network when Wi-Fi settings are turned on, meaning it’s constantly using battery life even though you’re not on the phone.

Stay Cool

The iPhone 5’s lithium battery was designed to function best in cooler temperatures. While you don’t have to keep it in the refrigerator, keeping it off of hot surfaces or even out of your pockets will help it from drastically losing battery life. And avoid leaving it in a hot car at all costs – this will ensure that you don’t return from the store to a dead phone battery.

Turn Off ‘Push’ Notifications

‘Push’ notifications are app-specific and will pop up on your phone’s screen whenever they are present. While these might not be detrimental to your iPhone 5’s battery life, turning them off will prevent them from using any power at all, a goal if you hope to extend the battery life of your phone.

E-Mail Searching

The iPhone 5 is a great tool to use when reading or writing e-mails, but this can quickly turn against you. Head into your phone’s mail settings and modify them to ensure that your phone only searches for e-mails when you activate the app, and is not doing it constantly. Continuously fetching e-mails will quickly deplete the battery.

Enable the Auto-Lock

Each time you set your phone down without turning it off your battery slowly drains. You can easily remedy this, though, by heading to the settings on your iPhone 5 and shortening the time it takes for your phone to lock automatically. This way, if you set your phone down without remembering to turn it off you won’t be wasting any battery.

Your new iPhone 5 is full of exciting new apps and features. With these battery saving tips, you’re sure to save some life and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Guest author Andy Simmons has witnessed that in the world of construction project management and Audubon Field Solutions, cellphone battery life is often coveted as professionals spend their days on remote work sites.

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