An iPad vs. a Netbook

So now that the iPad has been out in some parts of the States for a little while, people are already starting to pick it apart and try and find things to fault Apple with. And if we’re being honest, people were doing this even before the iPad was ever released to the public. One of the biggest criticisms that the iPad has already received is that while you could be using a netbook that has almost unlimited capacity in abilities such as word processing and printer functionality, using an iPad with limited capabilities just makes no sense. But, before you make a snap decision based on that alone, take a look at some of these ideas that experts argue, make the iPad just a little bit better than a netbook.

  • Apple is known for hands-down, being better in virus protection than computers that use Windows operating systems. So when you’re using something regularly to send and receive emails and browse the web, doesn’t it just make sense to use an Apple-based product?
  • While battery life in netbooks certainly are improving and becoming much longer-lasting than they used to be, they still can’t beat the 10-hour battery life that the iPad boasts. Most netbooks have a battery life of about two hours.
  • The iPad is just easier to use! Imagine sitting on a bus, on a plane, or wherever you may happen to be when you want to use your netbook and have to pull out all the hardware, including the mouse – and a solid surface you can balance it on. But with the iPad – just whip it out and start using the touch interface. You’ll be browsing, doing your banking, updating  your Twitter status, and whatever else you need to do within seconds. It really does make these tasks as easy as flicking your finger.
  • The e-Reader. Another no-brainer. No netbook can give you the e-Reader function that the iPad will give you. And this feature isn’t just another little “bonus” either. People have said that one of the downfalls of the iPad may be that the e-Reader function is too good and that users might not venture away from it to find out what other fabulous things the iPad has to offer!

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