How To Delete iPhone Apps

Deleting  iPhone Application?


There are times when you want to delete applications for the iPhone because it does not have an overload of phone. Another reason why some people may want to delete some of the iPhone is that they are redundant and some are no longer useful.

The crowd of iPhone applications available for download has caused some users to go overboard with adding applications to their mobile devices. If you find that your iPhone is filled with applications that do not use this guide on how to remove applications from the iPhone will show you how to remove them.

I will show you how!


There are several options you can choose if you want to permanently delete iPhone applications, or simply remove from the menu. If you want to remove it completely from the iPhone, the steps are relatively simple, similar to when you delete a folder on your computer. In the screen with iPhone applications have shown, click on the icons for any application out there and hold it for a few seconds. Wait until all the icons to shake and move around, and the “X”. Of course, simply click on the “X”, in particular the App icon, you want to delete and you can just leave the rest. And once you have clicked the “X”;, you will be asked if you are not sure, or you still want to continue to remove the icon. Click “yes” or “OK” and the application is removed, and there. However, we must remember that you can not remove them, which are pre-installed on iPhone. Only those applications for the iPhone to download and install all be removed.

If you do not want to permanently delete iPhone applications, you can also do this by transferring them to another menu. Simply slide your finger across the screen to the left and you can have two or more pages where you can store other iPhone applications. To delete applications for the iPhone, it is important that you have a backup of data, so you can always get the applications you have accidentally deleted, but if you forgot to create a backup file- still no need to worry because most of these applications are free.


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