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The iPhone is a revolutionary gadget that has been ruling the mobile markets for quite some time. So it is but obvious that users have started looking for ways to connect it to the PC and use the iPhone’s amazing features on the PC. The iPhone PC Suite is an amazing application that helps you to link your iPhone to your PC and help you maintain your iPhone as well takes backup also. Let us look at some broad features of the iPhone PC suite –

• Totally free of cost and is downloadable from the Internet. Updates, supports and free resources are also available.
• Backup and import your contacts, call logs and SMS records also. Ring tones, themes and wallpapers everything can be transferred from your PC to your iPhone as well as vice versa.
• An amazing feature is that you can chat SMS through your PC. This feature almost makes you chatting to the other user.
• The user interface has been made in such a way that it makes the user really care free and the user can easily use the software without getting confused.

Some salient iPhone PC Suite features, which have been outlined, are –

• Support 32-bit Windows XP/Vista OS – Any windows user can install and use this software.
• Import/Export contacts – Take a back up of your contacts and easily store them in your PC so that even if you loose them you can easily retrieve your contacts.
• Back up call logs/SMS – Want to store and cherish SMS’es sent by people then this feature is really good. Call logs can also be stored and kept for future reference.
• Download massive wallpapers, ring tones, themes and software’s – All this can be downloaded from the iPhone PC Suite directly without any hassle and stored on your computer.
• Convenient and practical RSS subscription – RSS is one the most important thing for web users, and this software will help you subscribe to RSS information which will also be saved onto your computer easily.
• Reboot and Restore – A silly feature to be mentioned, but this software has the power to reboot your iPhone in case of problems. Restore to factory setting though is there in the iPhone but it is also there in this suite and helps in case of emergencies.
• Full support for firmware iPhone 3.0 – The suite helps you to upgrade the software and keep your iPhone up to date.
Phone process and system registry management – Everytime you install anything on your iPhone then the registry is edited and then re-edited, so it is better to take a back up.
• Phone software installation, un-installation and management – Any application, which needs to be installed or removed, can be done through this suite.
• Caller location inquiry – A very unique feature, which helps you to locate any caller with the help of the unique number.

So over all, this iPhone PC suite is really good and helps a lot in maintaining your iPhone and keeping it up to date.

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