Advances in Traveling When Using Walki-Talki London Applications for iPod Touch and iPhone

There are various advantages to using the Walki-Talki London application for iPod touch and iPhone. Many people enjoy traveling with spoken guided tour that does not involve having to deal with another person along on the trip. This application allows individuals to view things at their own pace and gain knowledge through the process while enjoying their vacation. Having a human tour guide can be helpful, but many people who are more private enjoy the Walki-Talki London iphone application significantly more than having an extra person on their trip." alt="walki talki London iphone app" The guided tour application has been out since the year 2009. The Walki-Talki London application costs about $10 and is more than worth the value. There are no extra data roaming charges because once the application has been downloaded it can be used off-line. Such things as the house of parliament and Tower of London are covered in the 90 minute guided tour. The ability to take a detour with the Walki-Talki London application is always available. People can only travel at their own pace and enjoy the sights significantly more when they are not in a rush to keep pace with the group of people that they are traveling with. The tour information is very compact and does not take up any extra space for the traveler.

The guides can apply to locals as well as first-time visitors because they are packed with information that not even locals may be aware of. They come with MP3 audio files as well as visual maps so that people do not get lost on their journey. Downloading the application directly into your phone makes the information easy to find whenever you choose to take your trip. Of the applications available on the travel market this is by far one of the best. Generally speaking the average person gets more than their money’s worth from this application. There is a step-by-step guide available for people that do not know their way around the area.

The audio in Walki-Talki London iPhone app is clear and has both a male and female perspective. Both speakers talk back and forth throughout making the narration very entertaining The interactive map does leave a little bit to be desired because the opportunity to get a real close view of the map is not available. The entire map itself however is available and a person can see the entire route of the tour Unfortunately a person cannot rewind while at a stop. This can be frustrating when a person misses that evil information about a landmark. It is usually best to be stationary when listening to information so that you can gain the most knowledge about the particular landmark as possible. The photos are not the highest quality in the tour itself, however if you are going to be able to see the landmarks photo-quality shouldn’t matter.

There are 14 unique landmarks that are spoken of during the tour. All the valuable information included about each specific landmark. Some users feel that there is not enough attention given to each individual landmark. However, this is intended to be an overview for the average user, and the majority of people are pleased with their investment.

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