How to Increase the Battery Life of IPod Touch?

For all those guys who are looking for some or the other way to increase the ipod battery life and backup time for their IPods here are few simple tricks:
• Turn off that Wi-Fi feature when not in use. Wi-Fi guzzles power even if it’s not in use to connect to a network. You can certainly save some power if you switch it off. You can find it in settings->general->network->Wi-Fi .
• Always make sure that you are keeping your IPod near to the room temperature. Both higher and lower temperatures can damage the battery device and can limit its performance.
• Use lesser of third party applications such as games etc. which do not allow screen to dim or shut off. It would lead to significant rise in your battery backup time.
• Backlight of your IPod screen and equalizer (EQ) are also major power guzzlers. Keeping your screen light/backlight always on will lessen your battery life. Equalizer uses processing power of your IPod’s processor. It leads to increased load on the processor and in turn less battery life.
• Compress your audio files. Cache of IPod touch works efficiently with file sizes under 9mb.
• Minimize the use of fast forward as much as you can because it leads to cache refreshing itself each time and thus consumes much more power.
• Switch the push mails off by going to Settings > Fetch New Data and setting push to Off.
• Always try to fetch data like mails etc manually when you want. In this way it would not be looking for new data each time wirelessly.

Try those tricks and see for yourself whether your ipod battery life increases or not.

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