How to Troubleshoot an iPod That Will Not Start

How to Troubleshoot an iPod That Will Not Start – The first and perhaps the biggest problem of the iPod owners is when iPod will not start or turn on. If this happens there could be something wrong with the hardware of your iPod. If it is not with the hardware, it must be the software since these are the only things that make your iPod work. Here are some troubleshooting steps that you need to do to solve your problem with your iPod.

1. Make sure that your iPod has enough power to start. If you are not sure, it is advisable to charge your iPod and see if it turns on after charging. If after charging your iPod still doesn’t work, try the other steps below.

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2. Make sure that the Hold Switch is turned off. This is the most common mistake every user will tend to do. They turn on the hold switch so that their iPod cannot be awakened accidentally. Try to toggle the switch off and see if the iPod starts. If there is a remote control plugged into your iPod, make sure that the Hold Switch of the remote control is turned off too. If it will not work, then there could be something wrong with your iPod; it could be the software or the battery.

3. Try to mount your iPod in a computer where you have access to the Internet. Restore your iPod with the latest software updater according to the model of your iPod. Take note that once you restore your iPod, all the data in it will be erased. So it could be better to always back up your data.

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4. If your iPod will not charge, try to make your battery dry. You need to take out the battery from your iPod, make sure it is completely dry then put it back and charge it again.

5. If your battery is more than 18 months and you have used it intensively, it is possible that your battery is dead.

These troubleshooting tips will solve almost all problems regarding iPod. However, if you have done all of these and still your iPod won’t work; try contacting a technician for repair. There are also some information you can get by reading technology news; so it would be better to grab your paper in the morning of browse the Internet more often and search for solutions to your iPod problems. However, we encourage you to visit this site from time to time as there will be much information you can find here.