Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Spy Apps

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Spy Apps –  AppleRepo,  A decade ago, only a few people were aware of iPhone spy apps and the benefits they may provide. Now-a-days, they have become a necessity for almost everyone. Parents use spy apps to make sure that their children have not succumbed under the influence of bad peers. Employers use them to verify that their employers work diligently and do not slack off during work hour and several other individuals use it to safeguard the interests of the ones they care for. Despite their use and popularity, most of the people are not fully aware of these awesomely powerful apps. Based on this, we have come up with a detailed guide explaining the distinguishing features, uses, limitations and legality of these apps.

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Basic Features of iPhone Spy Apps

The most basic function that almost all the iPhone spy app to perform are to read messages, locate the target process, listen on calls real-time etc. Spy apps are also apt to view the photos, contacts and calendar entries of the target device. Spy apps operate while hidden from view to make sure that the owner of the target device does not discover the spy app installed on their phone. Very few people are aware of the fact that most of the iPhone spy apps like; TheOneSpy do not require jailbreak making it much easier to keep tabs on anyone.

Common uses of iPhone Spy Apps

A few individuals that benefit from iPhone spy apps are:

  • Parents

Parents use it to make sure that their children are not subject to cyber-bullying neither the ones causing it for others. Bullying and Peer Pressure have always been pressing matters of the society but with the use of internet and similar ventures becoming very common, this problem seems to have conjured a life of its own.

  • Employers

Employers use it to ensure that their workers are devoted to their work to help increase the productivity of their work. Once again, with the internet abuse in workspace on an all-time high, most employers use spy app in order to keep their employees in line and to increase their productivity.

  • Spouses

Spouses use it to guarantee that their other half isn’t cheating on them with someone else, since it happens to work in much more closer quarters than a PI (Private Investigator) would. Additionally, spy safe can also serve greatly as a tracker in order to keep loved ones out of harm’s way.

Limitations of iPhone Spy Apps

Most spy apps require the target device to be jail-break. Jail-Breaking is the process of altering the developer setting of an iPhone in order to bypass the protection of the Operating System. Although this process might prove to be technical for someone who’s not much of a computer geek. Moreover, the spy apps has to be installed on the target device manually, and for this purpose we are to get hold of the target device, which can be a bit hard when we’re trying to spy on an employee or a child.

Legality of iPhone Spy Apps

Most spy app users are not aware of the legal limits of the app, one must carefully consider the limits of the app, and otherwise it may result in a legal lawsuit. Parents have the right to keep an eye on their children for their own wellbeing and to ensure that unlimited access to the internet may not result in them heading off to the wrong direction. Even though, children never like someone invading their privacy even if it is for their own good, they can’t do anything about it if their parents decide to spy on them.

However there are certain restrictions for employers on the case of spying on their employees. Keeping track of their employees during work hours or when they are using a company car or anything that rightfully belongs to the company, is well within the legal limits of iphone spy apps. However installing bugs, hidden microphones, and cameras in their private cars, mobile phones, restrooms, etc. is strictly prohibited, and in this case the employee has the right to file a lawsuit against his employer for invasion of privacy.

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