Two of the Coolest Office Apps for the iPhone

Yes, there’s an app for everything. And when it comes to business apps and office apps, the iPhone has a whole world of them available. We have found two that we especially like. The first, because it’s practical and easy to use, and will make life in the office a whole lot simpler. And the second, well because it’s fun and at the same time, lets you save time when updating your contact list. Here are two of the coolest office apps for the iPhone.

The first is ProOnGoExpense. This app will let you track your office expenses throughout the day and upload them to either the app, or other programs such as QuickBooks or Excel. Then anyone in the office can see the entire expense spreadsheet from either their own iPhone or their computer. The app also comes pre-installed with many common expenses, such as mileage and dining receipts, but you can also add your own for those expenses that are unique to you and your company.

All of these features come with ProOnTheGoExpense, but you can also pay a subscription fee to get even more cool features. Some of those bonuses include things such as the Receipt Reader, which will scan a receipt for you and then upload it directly to the spreadsheet. So there’s virtually nothing for you to do and no errors to be made!

The second coolest office app for the iPhone is the Bump app. This app is especially useful for those who are constantly in contact with their customers, vendors, and other people that you are always exchanging contact information with. Instead of listing out your name, your phone number, and your email address, just bump phones with the person who’s contact you want.

When you bump phones, the contact information from one phone will be transferred to another, and vice versa. It’s something that’s so simple yet, so futuristic at the same time! Bump for the iPhone is also a free download but, it does only work with other iPhone users. Still, a very cool iPhone app though!

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