How To Use Money Saving Apps Wisely

How To Use Money Saving Apps Wisely. There’s an app for that… How many times have we heard it?! There’s an app that can time how to perfectly cook an egg. There’s an app that acts as a flashlight. There’s an app that ‘measures’ from one point to another. There’s an app that tells you to answer the phone when it’s ringing… Okay, we are joking on the last one (or so we think!) but there really is an app for everything nowadays – not least in the money saving department. But how can you make sure you are wasting money on these money saving apps. Read our guide for more information.

One of the greatest app inventions is for current account banking. Having the ability to log in, view, manage and control your current account while you are on the go is a great move forward for mobile technology. This allows you to keep a close eye on your current balance as well as making transfers and payments without visiting a branch or logging in to a computer. Incredibly handy if all your money is in one place.

The more available use of Wi-Fi has allowed for the free passing of information to many people. Apps that allow free Wi-Fi text messages, pictures and even video are a great way of staying in touch with people for free. The other great benefit of these apps is that you pay once to download the app, and then all other communication is free.

Apps that save you money when shopping are incredibly useful. The ability to search for money off vouchers and discounts whilst on the go is useful. Whether it is your new TV or dinner at your favourite restaurant, a quick search on an app can save you up to 50% of your purchase.

There are a whole host of travel related apps today, whether you’re looking for the best deals on flights or how long until the next 74 bus comes to your stop. But in terms of money saving, you can’t beat downloading a free taxi app –we all know it’s best to use public transport when you’re trying to keep costs down, but sometimes you need to prioritise personal safety, and a licensed cab is certainly the best option for that. If you’re booking a taxi via an app, make sure it’s an app that displays all the quotes for your journey, that way you can always select the most cost efficient option!

If you are a frequent dialler of costly 08 numbers, there are apps available that will search for the corresponding landline numbers, saving you a fortune on the premium numbers – they are even free if you have a minutes package within your mobile contract. Saving on just one phone call can justify the cost of these apps.

If you are a frequent shopper in big chain stores with loyalty points, having an app that keeps all your rewards in one place is incredibly useful. Whilst not actually money saving, it will save you losing any of those vital points and the great benefits that come with them. Not much to ask for for the cost of a few pence.

Apps that quickly compare the cost of goods are absolutely worth having. There are various options available on the market, but they generally consist of entering the data of the item you are looking for, whilst the app runs a search based on price (and sometime location). Useful if you are on a shopping trip and want to make sure you are getting the best bag for your buck. There are even apps that allow you to scan the barcode of the item you are looking for and find the cheapest in the area. Now that’s impressive!

This list of money saving apps is by no means exhaustive of those that are available on the market, but start with these as a base and you will not go far wrong.

David is a consultant who offers money saving tips and advice to individuals and small start up businesses.

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