How to Uninstall Apps on the iPad and iPhone

When you no longer need an app on the iPad or iPHone, you can uninstall it. You can do this either from the device itself, by using iTunes, or by using iPhone Configuration Utility.

How to uninstall apps directly from the iPad or iPhone

In Many cases, the easiest way to uninstall an app is directly on the iPad or iPhone. Follow these steps:

1. Press the Home button to display the Home screen.

2. Navigate to the Home screen that contains the app.

3. Touch an app and keep touching until the app icons start to jiggle. iOS display a circle containing a X on each app that you can delete.

4. Touch the X circle to delete the app. iOS displays a confirmation dialog box to make sure.

5. Touch the Delete button to delete the app.

6. Delete other apps as necessary, and then press the Home button to stop the apps jiggling.

How to uninstall apps using iTunes

When you need to uninstall several apps at once, you may find it easier to use iTunes than to work directly on the iPad or iPhone. Follow these steps:

1. Connect the iPad or iPhone to the computer.

2. If iTunes doesn’t launch or activate automatically, launch it or switch to it manually.

3. Click the iPad’s or iPhones entry in the Devices category in the Source list to display the device’s control screens.

4. Click the Apps tab to display its contents.

5. In the list of apps, clear the check box for each app  you want to remove.

6. Click the Apply button. iTunes synchronizes with the iPad or iPhone and uninstalls the apps you marked for removal.

How to uninstall apps using iPhone Configuration Utility

You can also uninstall apps using iPhone Configuration Utility. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open iPhone Configuration Utility.

2. Connect the iPad or iPhone.

3. Click the iPad or iPhone in the Devices category in the Source list.

4. Click the Applications tab to display its contents.

5. Click the Uninstall button for the app.



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