Creating App Folders on iPhone OS 4.0

There are a lot of great things about the new iPhone OS 4.0, and one of them is an option that’s never been available on the iPhone before. That’s the option you have to create app folders. Being able to create folders for your apps on your iPhone OS 4.0 means that you no longer have to display many different icons on your Home screen. Just create a folder for your games, another folder for your office apps, and another for whatever other apps you want to group together. You can create as many folders as you’d like, and here’s how you can do it!

To create a new folder, tap on one app and hold it down until all the apps start shaking. This is the same method you would use if you wanted to customize your Home screen. Once the apps are shaking, you have to identify two similar apps that you want grouped in a folder together. To do this, drag one app over onto the other, and then drop it. This will create a folder for you.

If you look towards the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the folder along with the two apps. If you want to keep adding more apps into the folder, you can keep dragging and dropping them into the folder area. It’s also during this stage that you can rename the folder. If you don’t want to do it at that point, you can always choose to go back later and rename the folder.

If you do want to rename the folder later, you can do so by tapping on the folder and holding it down until it begins to shake. Once that happens, you can then edit the folder by changing its name or adding to it. If you want to change the name, just tap on the text and the keyboard will pop up.

Once you’ve created your folders and have added all the apps to the folders, then you can just hit the Home button on your iPhone, and all your changes will be saved. Then you can just enjoy having an uncluttered iPhone home screen, and with all your similar apps grouped into one convenient location.

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