Create Your Own Iphone And IPad App

Create Your Own Iphone And IPad App. If you have had a great idea for the iPhone you do not have to be a programmer to make it happen. There are plenty of people out there who have learned how to do it without knowing a line of code. Read more on how to create your own iPhone and iPad app.

The iPad and especially the iPhone have over 150,000 apps ( applications ) in the iTunes store. If you would like to add one more of your own it is easily possible. You will start out by visiting a few web sites. One of the first is This is a site that can take your preformed RSS feeds from your website along with other data and remodel it into an iPhone app. If you were wondering about the price, Isites will do it for twenty five dollars. If you were also wondering about Android apps, they will start those in February of 2011. You will need to also fork over your email address to get started with Isites. If you have your app done correctly, it will be able to be used on an iPad just like it is on an iPhone.

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There are other places you can create your own iPhone app. allows you to do many things of the things the last web site does. You can create a podcast app, a video gallery, a form for gathering information, a contact app, calculators and more. One example is an events app that can be used to make recipes. If you are a chef or perhaps are learning, you can have your own iPhone app to show others what you are doing. The events app will show title, date, photos and of course the text. The lowest price you will get with Swebapps is $399 plus a monthly $29 dollar fee. You are allowed to load up your own button images or choose from their selection of graphics.

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For the non-developer group there are still yet more ideas to choose from. “Buildanapp” is another service that allows the budding creator to choose from seventeen different categories of apps. They have a standard method started in their site. The first step is to select pages from their preselected templates. You can build your own if you do not like theirs. Then, add your content. They do not mention images, but it is assumed you will be allowed to add them. The last step is to review and publish. This service is also for other model devices, not just iPhones and iPads. Their prices are a bit better than the last group. They charge $19 dollars to build and broadcast your app and $199 to submit your app to iTunes. Since they are not the ones who will do the approval process, they provide tips to help you have success in submitting your app. Apple will have the final say. Apps get approved in around two weeks.

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There are more services like these popping up online. One of the important things you should stress is compatibility. Whoever it is you choose to make your app needs to make it clear that it will work on iPhone and iPad both. They run the same operating system, so they can do the same things.