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If there is anything good about the jailbreak is the ability to completely change the theme and the interface of the original iPhone. Thank you for this wonderful tool called the Board of winter, you can download and install custom themes on the phone that will change everything from the icons and colors tray for the keyboard and the settings page. Be sure to check my comments round-up the best 12 themes Board of winter if you missed it. Anyway, today I want to talk about a neat tweak I just bought from Cydia Store: States iconoclasm, and it allows you to organize your icons on the Springboard in a completely different.


Once purchased the application for Cydia, to $ 2.99 (maybe a little expensive, but it is) will be available in the menu iconoclasm. Iconoclasm, you can arrange icons on the edge, and a variety of creative designs: You can only access my screenshot below, but I will say that the package includes over 10 custom designs. These include a provision in a box, 5 × 5.5 × 2 and the triangle. Many other layouts can be downloaded from Cydia.

See pictures below:

You should know that unlike many similar tools that were developed last year, means iconoclasm not create blank icons that give you the feeling of having a custom layout. These are real hacked, custom layout. You can even create per page templates that you can see from the screenshots above.

So, what is my opinion of iconoclasm. This is another reason why you should now Jailbreak the iPhone. If you are serious about customizing your iPhone and theming, you need this.

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