Customize the Lock Screen of Your Jailbroken iPhone

 Do you know how to Customize your Lock Screen?

Are you tired of the iPhone lock screen? Differs from Wallpaper, Apple does not allow much to do with the screen lock. This is one reason why some people continue to leave their iPhone. Once unlocked, this opens up many options to customize your iPhone.


By default, IOS screen lock is a little more than glorified wristwatch, functional but not very useful for many other things to check the date. For an IOS device jailbreak opens a Pandora’s box of possibilities, so you can add more information and a personal touch on the basic phone functions: lock screen.


There are many issues with just one click is now available on Cydia, but not always perfect. Today we will complete a thin screen lock easily customizable giving you the date, time and time format style. When finished, you have a lock screen.

But Before starting you will need to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPhone Explorer and you should install cydia when you Jailbreak your iPhone. And also from Cydia, you also need to have install these to your iPhone: Lockscreen Clock Hide, winterboard and cleanstatus.


Listed below are the Steps on how to Customize your Jailbroken iOS lockscreen:

First: You will have to download the them that suits to your version of iOS
SECOND.  Try to unzip the download and locate the LockBackground.html.  You may open this by Notepad or TextEdit, then search for “var locale: Los Angeles, California” and type in the location that you are in. Then this will definitely give you the weather report for your area. Then all you have to do is Save and Close.
THIRD: Click to open the iPhoneExplorer and navigate in to Root/Library/Themes
FOURTH:  Then copy the whole unzipped theme file or folder to your “themes” folder
FIFTH: Go to your settings on your Iphone and directly go to clock hide settings. You should enable the Clock Hide. And with the name that it suggested, they will hide the default time ot clock on the lockscreen as well as the time in the status bar. As well as the date.
SIXTH: Next go to CleanStatus- this is the way you can manipulate or control the exact details that were shown on the status bar.Enable the Cleanstatus then turn on the carrier name and to all stuff that you want to hide on your status bar.
SEVENTH:  next winterboard. Go to winterboard  – this will let you choose your themes. Go to select themes and this is where you are going to choose your themes.
EIGHTH: Go to the winterboard. Then all you need to o next is Tap on the RESPRINGG. This will normally restart your sprongboard which all of your application were stored.
And after all these steps were followed. You will now have the beautiful and customized lockscreen for your beloved iPhone.
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