How to Download and Install Themes on iPod Touch?

Most iPod Touch users are end users and therefore it becomes difficult for them to use the high end gadgets. One common question that such end users of iPod Touch ask the experts is – how to download and install themes on iPod Touch? Perhaps half of the them have tried and could no succeed and the rest never tried of it because they fear that such sophisticated system is not meant to try things which one doesn’t known for it may end in worse. But very few of them know that to download and install themes in the iPod one needs to have a Jailbroken iPod Touch 1G/2G.

Yes, this is the first criteria that you would need for iPod Touch theme installation. Without a jailbroken iPod Touch it will be difficult to do that. One you jailbreak the iPod it becomes capable of third party applications and compatible for other features. What is jailbreak of iPod Touch? Jailbreaking your iPod Touch means to install third party software in it and it requires website to perform. First it is required to downgrade your current software and then directly download the jailbreaking file. Once you do this the iPod Touch becomes free to download and install games, gadgets, and all sorts of cool stuff in it directly without much trouble.

Once your iPod Touch is jailbroken you need to download and install the Winterboard App from Telesphoreo from Cydia. The Cydia is only available if you have jailbroken your iPod. And for Winterboard you may require to reboot. In Winterboard there are already some pre-installed themes that you can directly try easily by selecting the themes. Besides that there are exiting applications in the phone. Suppose you wish to select the picnic theme, you directly select the theme and click on it. The theme will be installed in iPod Touch.

It is something like setting up new wallpaper and changing them. It is easy to follow the steps to change your wallpaper. You need to go to the wallpaper and tap on wallpaper then you need to select the wallpaper from the available files. You can also choose the saved photos usually synced from laptop or computers as wall papers on iPod Touch. Well let us come back to our original discussion of iPod Touch themes. The next common question is where they can find awesome themes for download.

That totally depends on what you wish and want. Therefore you will have to do some research based on your requirement and you can find theme based on Windows, Windows XP, Vista, Mac and Windows 7. You will find different categories for App Themes, Complete Themes, Springboard Themes and others.

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