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iPhones and iPod Touch keep you engaged all the time. Are you someone who still likes reading a lot of comics and want to be updated on it? Are you traveling and want to keep your child engaged so that he or she does not trouble you during the journey? If the answer to the above is yes then there is a simple process with which you could load the iToons software on your iPhone at a price as less as $0.99.

This iToons iPhone software app gives you a list of the comics and a simple tap can help you go through its contents. And you have a home button that would take you back to the main index page where you could choose the next comic and can continue reading it. The application has a list of close to 34 different comics. One expectation here is to have more popular comics apart from the Garfield and Cathy. There will always be updates to these in the subsequent releases. One other improvement area is the reading pane. Since comics include images, most often you will get to see that the image is larger than the screen and you will have to scroll up and down to read it. Instead, it would be better if the application came with a page based panel view that could be moved easily.

The specialty of the iToons software is the fact that it gets updated day to day via the internet. This means that though you might have a limited number of cartoon characters that you could read about; and though you get to read only one title per a comic character, you don’t have to look out for a magazine or newspaper to read the next part and can have it in your hands through your iPhones.

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