Oh No! Water Damage to your iPod Touch?

Recently, Marquasha wrote in to tell us that she dropped her iPod Touch in water. Oh no! Luckily for Marquasha, her device still works but, the screen is blurry. But unfortunately, too many people have lost their precious iPod Touch to water damage. So what do you do?

As all iPod Touch owners know, when you buy your beloved Touch, you will be given a warranty. You can opt to choose the extended, but Apple also includes a manufacturer’s warranty with every iPod Touch they sell. With this warranty, there is a long list of things that are included. Apple will replace or repair your iPod Touch for pretty much anything except just a few. If your iPod Touch looks as though it has been neglected and broken, or lack of care on your part has lead to it being damaged, Apple will not replace your iPod Touch. And, if there’s water damage of any kind, Apple will not replace your iPod Touch. So, if you accidentally drop your Touch in water, is all hope lost?

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If your iPod Touch comes into contact with water of any kind, and especially if it’s been submerged, the first thing you should do is turn it off. The Touch may have shut down automatically once it sensed water,or started being damaged by it but if not, make sure that the device is powered down. Then, fill up a bag with uncooked rice. Make sure there is enough rice in the bag to thoroughly cover your iPod Touch. Rice has a magic power that can pull water out of electronic devices. This trick also works for cell phones, other mp3 players, and if you can find a bag big enough, a laptop. Because the action of the rice pulling the water out of the iPod Touch is purely scientific and involves no chemicals or harsh scratching of any kind, using this method is a very effective way of saving your iPod Touch from water damage.

We don’t know if Marquasha tried this trick, or if letting your iPod Touch sit in a bag of rice will result in the Touch not working at 100% capacity. But it has been used by many and has saved many from losing their small device that ‘held their entire lives.’ If you want to try using rice to pull water out of your iPod Touch, make sure you let the Touch sit in the bag for at least 24 hours. This is how much time the rice will need to do its job. And if your ipod touch screen is still blurry but you can listen to your favorite song once again? Be happy that you have that much!

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