How to Get Free Ebooks on Ipod Touch?

How to Get Free Ebooks on Ipod Touch?

IPod Touch is one of the best multimedia gadgets of all time. Why? IPod Touch can play music, video, and image files. Apart from that, users may also read their favorite books on iPod Touch or the iTouch.

IPod Touch is a very great way to read electronic books. You never have to bring an actual book because it can be hassle sometimes, especially if it is very thick and bulky. With iPod Touch, you can read your favorite books wherever you want to.

In this post, allow me to share some important tips to get free eBooks on iPod touch.

Before detailing on that process, let us discuss what an eBook and eBook reader is.

EBook is a short term for electronic or digital books. Like the real life books, eBooks also contain texts and images. As the Oxford dictionary defines, an eBook is an electronic version of a printed book.

On the other hand, eBook reader is either an application or a hardware that can read eBooks.

There are various file types associated to eBooks. These are .txt / .text, .htm/.html, .azw for Amazon Kindle, .opf for Open Electronic Package, .tr2/.tr3 for TomeReader, .pdf for Portable Document Format, and many more. Basically, the format depends on the reader being used and the content of the eBook itself.


In turning your iPod Touch into an eBook reader, you need to install an application first. Let us concentrate on the advantage of using Stanza, an iPod Touch application that reads eBooks.

Stanza is a freeware application created by LexCycle. With Stanza, you can:

  • Browse different eBooks on your iPod Touch and the LexCycle library.
  • Share your eBooks to your friends and other Apple Inc. devices like iPad and iPhone.
  • Read your favorite eBooks while you are on the road.

How to Install Stanza?

  1. First of all, you need to have the adequate amount of energy in installing Stanza to avoid interruptions.
  2. Second, you need to be connected to the internet to visit the official download site of the eBook reader.
  3. Third, follow the steps below:
  4. Open the Safari web browser on your iPod Touch.
  5. Go to the website
  6. In the middle of the page, you can see a button that states to download Stanza, tap on that.
  7. It will redirect you to the download page. Tap on the link which will direct you to download the application.
  8. Wait until the download is completed.
  9. After the completion, install Stanza in your iPod Touch.

How to Get EBooks for Stanza?

Stanza also provides lots of eBooks for its users. You may browse the Online Catalog in the Stanza application.

For more information, you can visit for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) concerning Stanza.

Downloading the Application “Free eBooks” Via iTunes

iTunes is the other way on how you can get thousands of eBooks.

Launch iTunes, specifically the iTunes Store and then search for Free eBooks, a free application as its name implies.

Download the application and then install.

There are plenty of eBooks provided in there, it’s up to you to decide what to include in your library.

Remember that Free eBooks will only run for iPod Touch which have the iOS 3.0 above operating systems.

Download EBooks from PC to Your IPod Touch

You can also download many eBooks for your iPod using your computer. You may use Google and find free eBooks on ipod touch of your choice then transfer it to your iPod Touch.

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