How to Charge MacBook Pro Without Charger

When should I charge my MacBook, how often, and how? Apple users often wonder and probably want to learn more about how to charge MacBook Pro without charger. If you also want to get an answer to this, then keep reading this article.

Here, you will find multiple solutions to charge your MacBook without a charger, along with other relevant information. Let’s first gain some basic information about MacBooks and their battery life.

How to Charge MacBook Pro Without Charger

When Is the Right Time to Charge a MacBook? 

In theoretical terms, you should charge your MacBook whenever you require it. You can plug in the charger while using battery draining apps. Just be sure to charge the battery fully before you unplug the charger. Before you leave your home, make sure the battery of your MacBook is fully charged if you need to take the computer with you.

Unplugging your system at least once a month can make a perfect battery cycle. It is believed that you should charge your MacBook when the battery reaches 20-40% of its maximum capacity. However, today’s batteries come with improved built-in charging technologies that prevent faster battery drainage.

Ways to Charge MacBook Without Charger 

There are many moments when a user doesn’t have their MacBook charger and looks for the best alternatives. For example, it has broken, and you can’t have its replacement. Or you have forgotten to carry it with you. If you find yourself without a MacBook charger, you can use any of the following ways to charge your system. But note that these don’t offer permanent solutions. So, don’t solely depend on it and try to get a new MacBook charger.

USB Type C

This is an easier way to charge your MacBook. All you have to do is plug the cable into the MacBook and start charging it from the power outlet. Based on the MacBook version you’re using, you can charge it with an Android USB Type-C phone charger. As you are using the phone charger, it is much similar to how you charge your mobile phone. But, the charging speed is comparatively slow for the MacBook because the charger is limited for output power. 

USB Converter

Another way to charge your MacBook without its charger is the use of a USB converter. This is an ideal way to charge your MacBook if you are using a PC. Simply use a converter cable. This cable will help you in converting the USB 3.0 to USB Type-C. Once you connect the cable’s USB end to your PC and the USB-C end to your Mac charger port, charging starts flowing. You can charge your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro straight from the PC.

Power Bank

Regardless of the brand you buy, power banks are one of the most useful charging devices that you can use to charge your MacBook on the go. However, it depends on the MacBook version you’re using. Make sure you are using the most powerful power bank that supports at least USB 3.0. It is also simpler to use. Just use an appropriate cable that converts USB 3.0 to USB Type-C and can charge a MacBook without a charger.

Important Things to Know

Charge MacBook Without Charger

Before using any of the methods discussed above, keep certain things in account. If you’re using any USB-C charger different from the official MacBook charger, this could negatively affect the MacBook’s battery. For example, battery damage or battery swelling. These side effects occur when using those chargers for the long term. So, use them as temporary fixes. Try to preserve your MacBook’s battery if you don’t have its charger.

Can You Improve the MacBook’s Battery Life?

If you don’t have a MacBook charger with you, prolong its battery life by disabling the auto-brightness feature. It should be reduced to a level that is comfortable for your eyes. Another thing that you can do is turn off the keyboard backlights. If you require them to be turned on, reduce the backlight’s brightness. Or set it to automatically turn off. Another way to save MacBook’s battery life is to turn off Bluetooth and quit unnecessary apps. 

MacBook’s Battery Cycle Count 

There is no strict rule regarding how often and at what percentage you should charge your MacBook’s battery. But, it is recommended to pay attention to MacBook’s battery cycle count. If you charge your battery about 25% per day, it means a single charge cycle in 4 days. A charging cycle refers to the amount that equals 100% of the battery’s capacity. Based on personal preferences and usage, 1000 battery cycles can relate to 3-6 years.

The Conclusion

Concluding everything we have discussed above, you must charge your MacBook considering your requirement. Usually, when its battery percentage is between 20 and 40%. You must have useful information on how to charge MacBook Pro without charger. Simply opt for any of the above methods to keep your system charged. In addition to the above methods, you can also use a portable solar charger or a super battery.

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