Apple Launches Final Cut Pro X

It was rumoured last week that Apple would be releasing a new version of their Final Cut Pro movie editing software this week and yesterday, Apple unveiled their latest product. The product; named Final Cut Pro X is said to be a completely rewrite of the software that is now entering its twelfth year of life. Apple has added a variety of new and exciting features that are sure to be a hit with movie makes all around the world.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro software is one of the most popular movie editing pieces of software in the world and with the new Final Cut Pro X software, users will have access to a range of new features. For example, there is a feature in the software that will detect when people are in the shots that have been filmed and will also detect what type of shot it is that you have in place (e.g. long shot). As well as this, the software has a completely redesigned interface and now makes full use of the multi-core processors that are inside most Apple machines these days.

It is said that the software will start shipping in June and will be available as a direct download for the price of $299 replacing the Final Cut Express software currently in their store and coming in at a much lower price than their Final Cut Pro Suite software at $999.

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