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There has been rumour for a while now that Apple is planning to release their own cloud music sharing service that would allow songs and other files to be shared with a variety of devices easily. Now, there is a rumour that Apple is to call this service iCloud and that they have purchased the domain name for a huge sum of money.

Today, Apple was reported to have purchased the domain name for the price of $4.5 million from a Swedish company called Xcerion. It is thought that the company has its own cloud based service which they have now chosen to rename CloudMe. Currently, none of these reports have been confirmed one way or the other by Apple or Xcerion but the Xcerion company is still the registered owner of the domain name on the Whois records which hold details for the domain name owners.

Apple is yet to comment on their plans for the domain if it is purchased and are also yet to comment on exactly whether or not they are planning the iTunes cloud based service in the near future. However, the company did purchase a hug server farm in California a couple of weeks ago which led to the rumours surrounding the cloud based service to grow. There have been rumours in the past surrounding the domains purchased by Apple including the domain which was later found to be false.

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