Apple Launches the iCloud

Apple Launches the iCloud. Apple has just announced its new operating system which will replace iOS which is used on on its current devices. The icloud apple will be available on the iPhone 5 when it is released next year. The apple icloud is a significant step up from its predecessor with Steve Jobs saying it would change the way that we use computers. Steve Jobs is currently on leave from Apple while he fights illness but regularly comes back to launch new products just like the icloud apple at technology conventions.

In his speech the CEO of Apple stated that he wanted to change the way we use technology. He said that the Apple icloud would relegate laptops to the status of just another device like the iPad and iPhone. In other words no longer will your laptop be the center of your communications world but just another device which can accesses your personal cloud.

The main aim of the icloud iphone is to make synchronization easier. With current models if you want to sync your iPhone with your with computer you have to plug it in and use iTunes to make the two devices talk. The whole process is rather cumbersome and frustrating. The icloud will allow your devices to sync wirelessly and allow all your media to transfer seamlessly from one device to another. You’ll be able to access your cloud anywhere you have internet access and it will store your music, videos and contacts among other things.

The New iCloud for iPhone system will be compatible with PC’s with the rival technology being able to access your personal cloud. Commentators have predicted that this iCloud iphone from apple could be the beginning of a technology war between Google, Microsoft and Apple as all three scramble to claim the online communications market. In an industry this competitive its unsurprising that Apple has begun trespassing on the territory of other mega technology companies like Google.

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