Apple CEO Steve Jobs to take Medical Leave

The CEO of Apple; Steve Jobs is set to take medical leave after he was diagnosed with a form of cancer. The CEO of the company has been running Apple for a number of years and has recently survived a rare pancreatic cancer. He is now set to take some time out from the company in order to aid this recovery from the disease.

The news that the CEO was actually taking time out from the company was done today, on a US public holiday which is thought to have been in order to stop share prices for the company form falling. The trading price of Apple in Frankfurt on Monday in after-hours actually fell by around $22 which is around 9% of the value of the company. Steve Jobs took a similar leave a couple of years ago and after which, the share price for Apple fell by around 10% on the US stock market.

It is unknown how long Steve Jobs will actually take leave for but whilst he is away, Tim Cook is expected to take over the day to day running of the company and this has caused major concerns for investors. Apple executives have not provided any information as to the reasons or the length of absence that Steve Jobs is expecting from Apple but it is thought that it could be quite some time. Tim Cook has been with the company for a number of years and it is expected to do just fine.

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  1. I wish him the best of luck in this. He has a tough road ahead.

    If there is anything positive here, it is this: You can bet your bottom dollar that
    Steve Jobs is doing the best he can to fight this thing and kill it.

    He is a tech savvy individual who has all the money in the world.

    I hope that, with his resources, he can find a cure for this.

    He is a visionary and a true genius. We need him to stick around
    and for a long time.

    And for those who have negative comments, you should be ashamed.

    Steve Jobs has shaken the computer industry and put some creativity
    and innovation back. And that’s what users wanted.

    And that man is now sick. So, let’s try to be civil and not barbarians.

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